January 23, 2022

Digital Asset Management/Content Distribution: Book Industry Study Group (BISG) Selects Ingram’s CoreSource Platform

From an Ingram News Release: Ingram Content Group today announced that the Book Industry Study Group (BISG) a leading U.S.-based trade association representing the book supply chain, has selected its CoreSource platform to manage digital assets and distribute e-content worldwide. “BISG has a loyal base of members who have been benefiting from our research reports and best […]

Reference: Book Industry Study Group Releases EPUB 3.0 Support Grid

From a BISG Announcement: To help content creators and executives make decisions in the rapidly evolving world of digital publishing — with its myriad devices and reading systems — BISG, through its Content Structure Committee has developed the EPUB 3.0 Support Grid. Recognizing the constantly shifting nature of digital publishing, the Content Structure Committee plans […]

Study: Tablets Growing in Popularity as “First Choice” For E-Reading

From a BISG News Release: E-book consumers’ preference for tablets is accelerating rapidly as dedicated e-readers drop in popularity, according to the Book Industry Study Group’s (BISG) closely watched Consumer Attitudes Toward E-Book Reading survey. The second installment in Volume Three of the study shows that, over the course of just six months, consumers’ “first […]

E-Book Consumers Drive More Sales & The Popularity of eBook Reading Platforms

From the BISG (Book Industry Study Group): E-book consumers are increasing their purchase of books — both print and e-book formats — online and especially through in-app purchasing, and decreasing their use of brick-and-mortar stores, according to the Book Industry Study Group (BISG)’s closely watched Consumer Attitudes Toward E-Book Reading survey. The first installment in […]

International ISBN Agency Welcomes Recent BISG Policy Statement and Provides Additional Guidance

From the IIA (International ISBN Agency): In its press release issued on 10 January 2012, the International ISBN Agency (IIA) welcomes BISG’s Policy Statement as a positive contribution to the recommendations for assignment and management of appropriate identifiers to digital publications. In particular, the Board are very pleased to see the degree of coherence and […]

Reference Roundup: Fast Facts and Stats About U.S. Book Industry From the BISG

Here’s a roundup of a week’s worth of  Book Industry Study Group (BISG) ‘BookStat of the Day’ stats presented in a colorful graphical format.  The organization makes them available at no charge. More next week. Book Sales by Format in USA in 2010 Non-fiction Dollar and Unit Sales, 2008-2010 Net Revenue for Education (K-12) Publishers […]

Highlights: "New Publishing Industry Survey Details Strong Three-Year Growth in Net Revenue, Units"

UPDATE: Additional Highlights From the Report: Publishing Categories Highlights Publishing Formats Highlights Distribution Channels Highlights How BookStats was Built BookStats and Publishing Industry Glossary From a BookStats News Release/Highlights: BookStats, the deepest, most comprehensive statistical survey ever conducted of the modern U.S. publishing industry – capturing its size, scope, revenue and rapid strategic expansion across […]

Highlights Only: BISG Study Reveals E-Book Buyers Are Accelerating Their Move Away From Print

From the Book Industry Study Group: The surge in sales of e-reading devices like Amazon’s Kindle during the 2010 holiday season launched a turning point in e-book history according to the Book Industry Study Group (BISG). The second installment in VOLUME TWO of BISG’s closely watched Consumer Attitudes Toward E-Book Reading survey shows the percentage […]