March 24, 2018

News Roundup

1. All Eleven Institutions of University of California Library System Join Open Library of Humanities’ Library Partnership Subsidy Model 2. Ex Libris Users of North America (ELUNA) to Introduce Developers Day at Annual Meeting

New Report and Data: The Aging U.S. and Global Population


Note: The full text report from the U.S. Census Bureau containing the data below will be available soon. One data source, the U.S. Census International Data Base is available here. From the U.S. Census: America’s 65-and-over population is projected to nearly double over the next three decades, ballooning from 48 million to 88 million by […]

Accessible Images For Visually Impaired: Twitter Adds Alternate Text Description Option For Tweeted Images


From the Twitter Blog: Starting today, people using our iOS and Android apps can add descriptions — also known as alternative text (alt text) — to images in Tweets. With this update, we’re empowering everyone to ensure content shared on Twitter is accessible to the widest possible audience. Enable this feature by using the compose […]

James Patterson is Donating Another $1.75 Million to U.S. School Libraries


From Scholastic: James Patterson will personally donate another $1.75 million to school libraries this year, in the second installment of his School Library Campaign. In partnership with Scholastic Reading Club, the program was launched in 2015 as part of an ongoing effort to keep books and reading a priority for children in the United States. […]

New BBC Report: Over 8,000 Public Library Jobs in England Lost in Past Six Years

From the BBC: Almost 8,000 jobs in UK libraries have disappeared in six years, about a quarter of the overall total, an investigation by the BBC has revealed. Over the same period, some 15,500 volunteers have been recruited and 343 libraries have closed, leading to fears over the future of the profession. [Clip] The BBC […]

Access: Learn About The WiderNet Project & WiderNet@UNC

From The Daily Tar Heel: Five billion people across the world don’t have internet access, and that is a problem Cliff Missen, director of the WiderNet Project and a UNC professor, is trying to solve. The WiderNet Project works to deliver educational resources and training to underprivileged individuals and communities across the globe to improve […]

Reference: A History of the Zika Virus (Map and Timeline)

From the World Health Organization: A chronological map of the presence of Zika only in those countries for which there is evidence of indigenous transmission by mosquitos, excluding the many countries that have notified imported Zika. infections. The following timeline summarizes the spread of Zika infection, country by country, from the earliest discovery in 1947 […]

Updated Data: Reference: 2015 Report on Firearms Commerce in the United States

From the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (ATF) Website: This report presents data drawn from a number of ATF reports and records in one comprehensive document. It also provides comparative data from as far back as 1975 for context, analyses of trends over the years, and a fuller picture of the state of firearms […]

Kansas: Legislation in House of Reps to Make Funding For Public Libraries Optional Stalls

From the McPherson Sentinel: A bill [HB 2719] that would change funding for public libraries in Kansas has stalled after library advocates spoke against it. The bill would make it optional for cities to fund public libraries. Currently, library funding is a requirement. [Clip] The bill has not made any progress since March 14, according […]

Take a Look at the “Floating Meeting Rooms” Inside Tokyo’s Seikei University Library

From RocketNews: But what really makes Seikei’s library special is its five student meeting rooms, one located on the third floor, and two each on the fourth and fifth. They’re each called “Planet,” and looking at them, the name seems incredibly appropriate. Direct to Full Text Article (in English, MANY Pictures) See Also: Take a […]