July 28, 2021

Roundup: A Week’s Worth of News About Google and Google+ (21 Items)

Last week we compiled a Google and Google Plus news update that contained a curated collection of sixteen stories.This week there was no summer slowdown at Google (there is never a slowdown at Googleplex) and this week we’re passing along 21 entries (23 stories). We hope you find this week’s roundup useful. Google Plus 1. […]

Roundup: A Week's Worth of News About Google and Google+ (16 Items)

Google makes a lot of news . Whatever they’re doing, plan to do, about to do, might do, people want them to do, etc. gets coverage. The last time we did a roundup several of you let us know that it was useful so we’re going to do it again. If fact, we will try […]

Paper — Post-Ranking Query Suggestion by Diversifying Search Results

Post-Ranking Query Suggestion by Diversifying Search Results Query suggestion refers to the process of suggesting related queries to search engine users. Most existing researches have focused on improving the relevance of suggested queries. In this paper, we introduce the concept of diversifying the content of the search results from suggested queries while keep the suggestion […]

So Long, Goodbye, and Farewell: The Google Wonder Wheel is No More

Gary*** has written a report about the end of Google’s Wonder Wheel for Search Engine Land. You can read the story here. *** In addition to serving as co-founder and co-editor of INFOdocket, Gary was recently named a contributing editor at Search Engine Land.

An Intro to Google's New Look (Black Bar and All)

The Official Google Blog has a new post titled, “Evolving the Google Design and Experience” that formally introduces the new look that’s now visible for many of you on the Google homepage and on results pages for a few core services. It will be rolled out to other Google sites and services in the coming […]

A New Book Chapter by Two Googlers: "Indexing the World Wide Web: The Journey So Far"

Title: Indexing the World Wide Web: The Journey So Far (PDF; Full Text) Authors: Abhishek Das, Ankit Jain This Chapter is Scheduled To Appear In: Next Generation Search Engines: Advanced Models for Information Retrieval, 2011 In this chapter, we describe the key indexing components of today’s web search engines. As the World Wide Web has […]

Bank of England is Using Google Search Data To Learn About UK Economic Trends

From The Guardian: They may not know it, but web users who type “unemployment”, “estate agents” or “VAT” into Google are helping the Bank of England to gather information on the state of the British economy. The central bank is turning to internet search data as it seeks to widen its understanding of unemployment, consumer […]

Bing's Mobile Site Adds News, Facebook Share, Trending Searches, and Cool "Maps/List View"

This Bing Blog post has the details and screenshots The Bing mobile web site is at: m.Bing.com Here’s more about the innovative and useful “Maps/List Split View.” Tired of switching between the map and list view for directions? Or want to discover what business listings are relative to each other while you find that perfect […]

Paper — Does Television Advertising Influence Online Search?

Does Television Advertising Influence Online Search? This paper finds a significant association between television advertising for financial services brands and consumers’ tendency to search branded keywords (e.g. “Fidelity”) rather than generic category-related keywords (e.g. “stocks”). The effect is largest for young brands during standard business hours with an elasticity, .07, comparable to extant measurements of […]

Apparent Changes to Google's Define: Syntax But No Official Word

As Search Engine Roundtable first reported a few weeks ago and Google Operating System reported today, the Define: syntax from Google no longer appears to work or perhaps better said doesn’t work the way it used to work. There are several posts in the Google Web Search Forum reporting the same thing. Now, instead of […]