May 21, 2022

New From Pew Internet: The Demographics of Social Media Users — 2012

From Pew Internet: A late 2012 survey by the Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project shows that young adults are more likely than others to use major social media. At the same time, other groups are interested in different sites and services. Internet users under 50 are particularly likely to use a social […]

“Young E-Book Consumers Three Times More Likely to Use Social Media for Book Discovery”

From NextMarket : In a survey conducted of over 1200 US e-reading consumers in late 2012, NextMarket Insights discovered 64% of those who use an Amazon e-reader (non-tablet) as their primary e-reading device use e-book store rankings and reviews as a way to discover new e-books, 17% more than those who use iPads. Another interesting […]

The Library of Congress Posts Update and Releases Report About What’s Going On With Their Twitter Archive

Update Digital Preservation expert and Founder of LOCKSS, Dr. David Rosenthal offer some analysis of the amount of data the archive contains. Hat Tip: @lorcand — The Library of Congress is out with a blog post and white paper (embedded below) that provides info about the complete archive of  tweets that Twitter donated to The […]

Social Media: Live Coverage From F8 Facebook Conference

Mark Zuckerberg is on stage right now (2:15pm EDST). Breakout sessions to come. Watch Live, View Schedule

Social Media: Twitter Passes 100 Million Active Users, 40% Only "Listen" (aka Don't Tweet or RT)

This blog post from Twitter says that of those 100 million active users 40%* simply “log-in and listen.” In other words, just because your posts are being retweeted doesn’t mean they are not being read. This is similar to talk radio where a very small percentage of listeners ever call in and chat on the […]

New From Facebook For Facebook: A Messaging Only App (Facebook Messenger)

From mocoNews: As it has rolled out a series of improvements to its messaging features, Facebook has been trying to encourage its users to think of its network as a better alternative to e-mail and instant messaging applications. It took that strategy a step further Tuesday with the release of a new mobile messaging application […]