May 23, 2022

Video: MPAA President Christopher Dodd and Others Discuss Copyright Infringement on the College Campus

A panel discussion took place yesterday in Washington D.C. and was sponsored by the National Association of Attorney Generals and a video recording of the discussion is now available in the C-SPAN Video Library. It runs 57 minutes. This panel will discuss the importance of active efforts to combat copyright infringement at universities and the […]

eBooks: International Publisher Alliance Shuts Down Piracy Sites

From an Article By Katie Allen on The Bookseller: “An international alliance of publishers, including Cambridge University Press, Elsevier and Pearson Education Ltd, has served successful cease-and-desist orders on a piracy operation with an estimated turnover of £7m. Much more from Publishers Weekly and direct from the Associaiton of American Publishers Publishers and others still […]

"Rep. Smith Pulls DNS Provision From SOPA, Rep Issa Postpones Hearing, White House Responds to E-Petition"

A bunch of important news from Alex Howard at GovFresh: …Rep. Lamar Smith said he will remove the domain name provision from the Stop Online Piracy Act. Rep. Darrell Issa says he’ll suspend next week’s hearing with Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian & other Internet experts. Howard’s report also provides a roundup of comments about today’s […]

Anti-Internet Piracy Law Adopted by Spanish Government

From the BBC: The Spanish government has approved tough new legislation which could see websites deemed to be trading in pirated material blocked within ten days. The legislation creates a government body with powers to force internet service providers to block sites. [Clip] The intellectual property commission will decide whether it wants to take action […]

EFF on How SOPA Affects Students, Educators, and Libraries

From the Electronic Frontier Foundation Deep Links Blog by Parker Higgins: Big media groups like the MPAA and the RIAA have historically targeted college campuses with “anti-piracy” measures, and the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) — the blacklist bill they’re trying to push through Congress — is no exception. The bill’s supporters insist that it […]

Copyright/Piracy: Full Text of Letter from Library Copyright Alliance in Support of OPEN Act Draft

ON A RELATED NOTE: SOPA: Judiciary Committee schedules markup of online piracy bill for Thursday (via The Hill) Here’s the full text of a new letter written by ARL’s Brandon Butler (on behalf of the LCA) re: the draft of the OPEN Act (Online Protection and Enforcement of Digital Trade Act) that was released last […]

ARL's Brandon Butler Interviewed on CNN About SOPA

Brandon Butler, Director of Public Policy Initiatives, at ARL talks SOPA with CNN’s Brian Todd. Direct to Video Interview (via ARL Policy) Congrats and Kudos Brandon! See Also: Copyright/Piracy: Wyden, Issa Release Alternate Anti-Piracy Bill, But Hollywood’s Not Biting (December 8, 2011)  

e-Book Piracy Whodunit

From Crain’s New York Business: Jason, a 29-year-old Manhattan publicity executive, bought an iPad2 in August and began downloading e-books. He now has some 50 titles, including Water for Elephants, the Twilight series, all of Harry Potter, The Help, and the Game of Thrones series. He hasn’t paid for any of them, but he doesn’t feel guilty. “I don’t feel like […]

New Report/Statistics: "2010 BSA Global Software Piracy Study: Many People Don’t Understand They Are Stealing"

Full Text of 2010 BSA (Business Software Allince) Global Piracy Study (8th Annual) Personal computer softare piracy up 14% globally in 2010. From a Summary: Key findings of the 2010 BSA Global Software Piracy Study: While the number of PCs shipped to emerging economies in 2010 accounted for more than 50 percent of the world […]