March 24, 2018

New: The Harry Potter eBook Library Spreadsheet: Availability and Wait Lists

For those with an interest in library e-books, especially the Harry Potter titles, we’ve started compiling a simple spreadsheet with: The number of copies of each edition the library has acquired The number of copies available for the public to borrow at a selected moment in time The number of cardholders (if any) on the […]

OverDrive Breaks Ground on New World Headquarters and Tech Center in Ohio

UPDATE 1: When asked on a government form (OverDrive received local government funding for the project) what business they were in, they did not list what you might expect. Listed was not eBook distribution or digital content sales and distribution or anything close. OverDrive said they were in the digital security business. Interesting to read […]

OverDrive Announces Exclusive Deal to Distribute Harry Potter eBooks to Public and School Libraries

From an OverDrive Announcement: Pottermore, home of the Harry Potter eBooks created by J.K. Rowling and partnered by Sony, announced today it has entered into an exclusive worldwide eBook and digital audiobook distribution agreement with OverDrive for public and school libraries.  Under the terms of the agreement, OverDrive will manage hosting and digital fulfillment for libraries for the Harry Potter collection of eBooks and digital audiobooks […]

One Year Later, HarperCollins Sticking to 26-Loan Cap, and Some Librarians Rethink Opposition

From an Article by Michael Kelley at Library Journal: Librarians’ passionate advocacy of our titles is vital to our efforts  and we remain committed to keeping our ebooks available in the library channel,” said Josh Marwell, Harper’s president of sales. Marwell said that the 26-loan cap remains a work in progress, but no other business […]

Canadian Public Libraries Looking For Viable "Canadian Alternative" to OverDrive

From Quill and Quire: In the past year, library groups such as CULC [Canadian Urban Libraries Council] have met several times with the Association of Canadian Publishers and the Canadian Publishers’ Council, expressing the urgency of finding “easier ways for our patrons to discover and borrow books, and [have] access to more content,” says de […]

OverDrive: "New Library e-Catalogs Offer Expanded Selection"

Note: We knew this was coming but we’ve yet to see a news release from OverDrive with today’s news. Why not? Are there more details available? Did they brief members of the library press? We’ve asked OverDrive for a comment. From the Associated Press: OverDrive Inc., a major e-distributor for libraries, announced today the launch […]

Penguin eBook Titles for Lending via OverDrive Return to Kindle But New Releases Remain Unavail + Penguin Issues Statement

From the OverDrive Digital Library Blog: ‘Get for Kindle’ for all Penguin eBooks in your catalog has been restored as of this morning. Penguin titles are available for check out by Kindle users and the Kindle format will be available for patrons who are currently on a waiting list for a Penguin title. Upcoming releases […]

New From OverDrive: eBook Device "Test Drive" Progam For Libraries

From OverDrive’s Blog Post: Test Drive, a program for libraries to support demonstration and lending of eBook reading devices and tablets to their patrons. The program includes device recommendations and guidelines for setup, maintenance and support, as well as best practices for institutions that want to stock and lend eBook readers and tablets to patrons. Whether […]

Why Might A Publisher Pull Its E-Books From Libraries? by Laura Hazard Owen

Title: Why Might A Publisher Pull Its E-Books From Libraries? A new article by Laura Hazard Owen on discusses three possibilities. Penguin is mad about Amazon’s deal with OverDrive and is retaliating. Penguin thinks people are checking out e-books from non-local libraries Penguin is worried that e-book checkouts from libraries will cut into sales […]

OverDrive & Penguin: Is Something Steve Potash Wrote in February a Clue to What’s Going On?

Like many of you, we’re wondering about what cause today’s OverDrive/Penguin news: OverDrive Suspends Access to New Penguin eBook Titles, “Get For Kindle” Access Also Shutdown Only time will tell as to why Penguin decided to change their policy with OverDrive (and libraries) but we’re wondering if a letter by OverDrive CEO Steve Potash to customers (via […]