May 22, 2022

Macmillan Ebooks Pilot on OverDrive Begins In One Week

We’ve learned that the Macmillan ebook pilot that was announced at the end of January will launch on March 1st. Here’s Some of What OverDrive Told Library Partners in an E-Mail: Beginning March 1, more than 1,150 eBooks from Macmillan will be available in Content Reserve as a pilot program for US public libraries. The […]

OverDrive’s Next Generation Websites Now Live at 22 Libraries

Earlier today we learned that 3M Cloud Library and Polaris were announcing the release of an integrated ebook catalog (3M Cloud into a Polaris OPAC installation) at the Baltimore County Public Library. You can take a look here. This afternoon we’ve heard from OverDrive who blogged that their next generation websites were now live in […]

OverDrive To Library Customers: Hachette is Raising E-Book Prices an Average of 220% on Over 3500 Titles

UPDATE 5 (September 17, 2012): OverDrive Has Updated A Blog Post About Hachette Increase It says that the 220% increase that they told library partners about last week was miscalculated. The average increase will be 104%. UPDATE 4: Jamie LaRue from Douglas County Libraries Comments in this Library Journal Report UPDATE 3: We reached out […]

Listen Now: OverDrive Announces Plans to Launch Streaming Audiobooks Later this Year

Users will be able to stream content to OverDrive apps for various devices. Direct download will continue to be available. From Today’s Announcement: Scheduled for launch later this year, streaming audiobooks will be available on a wide range of Internet-connected devices, including smartphones, tablets and computers. This instant-access technology will eliminate long downloads before listening […]

OverDrive e-Books Now Available in One-Third of Irish Public Libraries

From Silicon Republic: Interleaf Technology, a technology provider for library services, announced today that its e-books and audio books solution, OverDrive, is seeing continued growth in Irish public libraries. OverDrive is a full-service digital distributor of downloadable e-books, audio books and other digital content, which is now used in 10 county libraries across Ireland. [Clip] […]

OverDrive Plans to Launch a Browser-Based E-Book Reader Later This Year

From OverDrive: OverDrive today announced plans to launch later this year a new eBook reading platform, “OverDrive Read.” Based on open standards HTML5 and EPUB, OverDrive Read creates a fresh, direct and immersive reading experience offering significant benefits for publishers, booksellers, libraries and schools.  Unlike eBook apps or devices, OverDrive Read enables readers using standard […]

Guest Post: Where is the “Big Data” for Libraries? by Matt Weaver

Editors Note Matt Weaver is the Web Librarian at Westlake Porter Public Library (Westlake, Ohio) and a board member for Library Renewal. Matt is also a great friend and supporter of infoDOCKET. For example, just about daily he shares news items and new resources that we share with all of you. Today, in his first […]

Full Text: OverDrive’s Library Media Network eBook Report (Big Data #1)

About a month ago OverDrive released their first “Big Data” report. Here’s our post. Today, we’re sharing the full text of the eight page report. It’s embedded below. Overdrive Library Media Network eBook Report (Big Data 1)

OverDrive Releases User Data in First “Big Data” Report

OD shared a bit of data last week (we shared a few comments), today more numbers. Meredith Schwartz has details on The Digital Shift. From the Article: OverDrive released its first “Big Data” report at the London Book Fair, a snapshot of the library ebook platform’s March traffic. In that single month, more than 5 […]

OverDrive Shares Some Network Usage Statistics With More to Come

The London Book Fair begins in a few days and OverDrive has announced that during the event they’ll be sharing the first of several “Big Data” reports that they’ll share with participating publishers and libraries. According the OverDrive, the reports will analyze, “billions of eBook impressions and other data collected from across its network of […]