May 23, 2022

Reference Resources Roundup (Curated List of Recently Published or Updated Data-Rich Reports Available on the Web)

This selection of curated full text documents is updated daily with new materials.

Please bookmark and visit again.  This roundup began on September 18, 2017. The previous roundup featuring more than 100 reports, datasets, etc. can be accessed here.


ADL Data Shows Anti-Semitic Incidents Continue Surge in 2017 Compared to 2016 (via Anti-Defamation League)


Aviation [Economic] Benefits 2017 (via International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO))

More Than 7% Increase in Air Travel Compared to Last Year (2017 Edition of IATA World Air Transport Statistics; Highlights Only)


Brexit: A Reading List of Post-EU Referendum Publications by the UK Parliament and the Devolved Assemblies  (via UK House of Commons Research Library)
October 18, 2017 version.  40 pages; PDF.

Brexit Timeline: Events Leading to the UK’s Exit From the European Union (via UK House of Commons Research Library)
October 18, 2017 version.  23 pages; PDF. 


2017 Global Innovation 1000 Study (via PwC)
“…trends at the world’s 1000 largest corporate R&D spenders.”
See Also: Will Stronger Borders Weaken Innovation? (via strategy + business)

2015 Statistics of U.S. Businesses (via U.S. Census)  ||| Additional Data
2015 Data Tables by Establishment Industry 

Algorithms and Collusion: Competition Policy in the Digital Age (via OECD)
72 pages; PDF. 

Thomson Reuters D&I Index Reveals 2017 Top 100 Most Diverse & Inclusive Organizations Globally


Internet Censorship in Iran: Network Measurement Findings from 2014-2017 (via Open Observatory of Network Interference (OONI), ASL19, ARTICLE 19, and Small Media) ||| Key Findings


Aid, China, and Growth: Evidence from a New Global Development Finance Dataset (Main Report) ||| Summary ||| Dataset (via AidData)


Income Inequality Ranking of the World’s Major Cities (via Euromonitor)


Assessing the Global Climate in September 2017: Summary (via National Centers for Environmental Information) ||| Complete Report

Effects of Climate Change and Coastal Development on U.S. Hurricane Damage: Implications for the Federal Budget (via CBO)

Fourth National Climate Assessment (NCA4), Volume I ||| Q&A with Authors of Report (via State of the Planet)

Global Climate Report – August 2017 (via National Centers for Environmental Information) See Also: Regional Analysis

Rankings: Global 250 Greenhouse Gas Emitters (via Thomson Reuters and Others) ||| Summary/News Release
36 pages; PDF. 

National Climate Report – September 2017 (National Centers for Environmental Information)

UN Flagship Gap Report (8th Edition) ||| News Release (via United Nations Environmental Program)
116 pages; PDF.


Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) Releases Results of a First-of-its-Kind National Survey on the Financial Well-Being of U.S. Consumers
112 pages; PDF.  Also new interactive tool: CFPB Financial Well-Being Scale

Consumer Protection Principles: Consumer-Authorized Financial Data Sharing and Aggregation (via Consumer Financial Protection Bureau)
Full Text Principles Document (5 pages; PDF)
|||Release Announcement
||| Summary Of Stakeholder Insights That Informed The Principles (12 pages; PDF)


CrisisWatch: Tracking Conflict Worldwide (via International Crisis Group)
October Trends, November Outlook


Race and Hispanic Origin of Victims and Offenders, 2012-15 (via BJS)
21 pages; PDF. 


OECD Releases “Data For Development” Report
321 pages; PDF.


How Diverse Are US Newsrooms? (via American Society of News Editors) ||| Direct to Interactive Data Resource


Annual Surveillance Report of Drug-Related Risks and Outcomes United States, 2017 (via National Center for Injury Prevention and Control, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)
83 pages; PDF.

Deaths Involving Fentanyl, Fentanyl Analogs, and U-47700 — 10 States, July–December 2016 (via MMWR)

Drug Enforcement Agency Releases 2017 National Drug Threat Assessment 
182 pages; PDF.

Final Report (Draft): The President’s Commission on Combatting Drug Addiction and the Opioid Crisis (via
138 pages; PDF.


Annual Inflation Up to 1.5% in the Euro Area: Up to 1.7% in the EU (via Eurostat)
4 pages; PDF.

Foreign Direct Investment in the United States (via Economics and Statistics Administration, United States Dept. of Commerce)
13 pages; PDF.


Education Indicators in Canada: Report of the Pan-Canadian Education Indicators Program September 2017 (via Statistics Canada)

First-Generation and Continuing-Generation College Students: A Comparison of High School and Postsecondary Experiences (via NCES)
27 pages; PDF.

Free to Think 2017 (via Scholars at Risk Network)
Report: “Attacks on higher education communities in 35 countries, from September 1, 2016, to August 31, 2017.”
44 pages; PDF. Executive summary also available (2 pages; PDF)

New Data Estimates: More Than One-Half of Children and Adolescents Are Not Learning Worldwide (via UNESCO)
25 pages; PDF.

New Data on Parental Involvement in K-12 Education: Results from the National Household Education Surveys Program of 2016 (via NCES)
61 pages; PDF. 

UK: The Economic Impact of Universities in 2014-15 (via Universities UK)
61 pages; PDF.

UK: Sexual Harassment in Education (Research Brief via House of Commons Library)

U.S. Department of Education Releases National Student Loan FY 2014 Cohort Default Rate (via U.S. Dept. of Education)

Education–Humanities (via Humanities Indicators Project)


FEMA Incident Management Handbook (IMH)
392 pages; PDF
September 2017 (via Internet Archive)


Energy Information Admin. (EIA) Publishes International Energy Outlook 2017, Full Text and Data Now Online

Fuel Consumption Sensitivity of Conventional and Hybrid Electric Light-Duty Gasoline Vehicles to Driving Style (via Alternative Fuels Data Center)


Entrepreneurship at a Glance 2017 Report/Data Published by OECD


Eurostat Regional Yearbook
276 pages; PDF.


Digital Decay: Tracing Change over Time Among English-Language Islamic State Supporters on Twitter (viaProgram on Extremism, George Washington University)
6o pages; PDF.

New Research Brief and Data: Profiles of Individual Radicalization in the United States (via START)
2 pages; PDF. 

The New Netwar: Countering Extremism Online (via The Policy Exchange)

Female Circumcision

2016 Annual Report of the UNFPA–UNICEF Joint Programme on Female Genital Mutilation/Cutting
92 pages; PDF


ATF Releases 2016 U.S. Firearms Trace Data Report (via Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF))


Market Research (Highlights): Global Sales Of Fresh Food Reached 2 Billion Tonnes in Total Volume Terms 2016 (via Euromonitor)

Food Security/Hunger

2017 Global Hunger Index Released ||| PDF Version ||| News Release/Summary (via International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI))

The State of Food Security and Nutrition in the World 2017 (via Food & Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) & Others


QuickStats: Rate of Visits to Office-Based Physicians, By Patient Age and Sex — National Ambulatory Medical Care Survey, United States, 2015

Trends in Emergency Department Visits, 2006-2014 (via Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality)

The World Is Running Out of Antibiotics, WHO Report Confirms (via World Health Organization)

Health Insurance

Federal Subsidies for Health Insurance Coverage for People Under Age 65: 2017 to 2027 (via Congressional Budget Office)
23 pages; PDF. 

Immigrants and Immigration

Chronic Low Income Among Immigrants in Canada and its Communities (via Statistics Canada) ||| PDF Version (43 pages; PDF)

DHS (Dept. of Homeland Security) Needs a More Unified Approach to Immigration Enforcement and Administration (via DHS OIG)
22 pages; PDF.


Information Disorder: Toward an Interdisciplinary Framework For Research and Policy Making (via Council of Europe)
108 pages; PDF.

Information Technology

Three New Reports from the Broadband Commission for Sustainable Development (ITU, UNESCO)

Audit of the Department of State’s Efforts to Detect and Address the Use of Unapproved Portable Devices
28 pages; PDF. 

Half of Teens in U.S. and Japan Say They’re Addicted to Smartphones (via USC Annenberg)
Direct to Full Text Report (20 pages; PDF)

Intellectual Property

Scoping Study on the Impact of the Digital Environment on Copyright Legislation Adopted Between 2006 and 2016 (via WIPO)
61 pages; PDF.

Scoping Study on Access to Copyright Protected Works by Persons with Disabilities (via WIPO)
4 pages; PDF.


Artificial Intelligence: Practice and Implications for Journalism (via Tow Center for Digital Journalism)


Approaches for Managing the Costs of U.S. Nuclear Forces, 2017 to 2046 (via CBO)

North Korea

North Korea: Possible Scenarios (via European Parliament Research Service)
4 pages; PDF.


Global Nutrition Report 2017 (via International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI)) 
115 pages; PDF.  ||| News Release ||| Additional Resources

Public Safety

Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) Releases 2017 Safe Cities Index (Paper, Data Workbook, Case Studies, More)


The Growing Reach of Radio Among U.S. Ethnic Audiences (via Nielsen)


Infographic: Profiles of Individual Radicalization in the United States-Foreign Fighters: Infographic via (START)                 

Research Brief: Profiles of Individual Radicalization in the United States (PIRUS) 


WorldRiskReport: Analysis and Prospects 2017 (via Bündnis Entwicklung Hilft)
56 pages; PDF.


Secure Cities: Inclusivity, Resilience and Safety (via Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI))
24 pages; PDF. 


New Data/Report: 40 Million in Modern Slavery and 152 Million in Child Labour Around the World ||| Summary (via International Labour Organization; Walk Free Foundation; International Organization for Migration (IOM)


Differences in Parents’ Time Use Between the Summer and the School Year (US; via BLS)


Twentieth Mobile Wireless Competition Report (via FCC)
121 pages; PDF.


Domestic Terrorism Prosecutions Outnumber International (via TRAC)

Ideological Motivations of Terrorism in the United States, 1970–2016 (via START)
 pages; PDF.

Lone Actor Terrorist Attack Planning and Preparation: A Data-Driven Analysis (Journal of Forensic Science)
10 pages; PDF.

What Types of Media do Terrorists Collect? An Analysis of Religious, Political, and Ideological Publications Found in Terrorism Investigations in the UK (via International Centre for Counter-Terrorism – The Hague (ICCT))                   


Freight Facts and Figures 2017 (via BTS)
||| PDF Version
||| Previous Editions

NHTSA Publishes 2016 Fatal Motor Vehicle Crashes Statistics
Direct to Overview (16 pages; PDF)
||| Direct to Fast Facts 6 (pages: PDF)

Safety: Fleet Composition of Rail Tank Cars that Transport Flammable Liquids: 2013-2016 (via BTS)
First Annual Report to Congress.
19 pages; PDF. 

Ranked: Cities with the Fewest Cars in Use Per Household (via Euromonitor)

Television/Video (OTT, Television, Pay-TV, Streaming)

2017 TiVo Consumer Trends Survey Results (via TiVO)
“Pay-TV and OTT consumption.” Includes findings. infographic and  raw data xls file.

Q2 2017 Global Video Index (via Ooyala)
26 pages; PDF.

Advancing Understanding of Tornado Warnings, False Alarms and Complacency (via START)
1 page; PDF.

Wildlife Crime

Guns, Poison and Horns: Organised Wildlife Crime in Southern Africa (via enact)

Vital Records

Data Brief, No. 287.Births in the United States, 2016 (via NCHS) ||| PDF Version (8 pages; PDF)

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