May 29, 2022

Reference: A Selection of Recently Published or Updated Data-Rich Reports Available on the Web

This roundup is under development (August 3, 2017). New items will added daily so please bookmark this page and check back often. The most recent completed roundup includes more than 100 items can be accessed here.

New Items Added September 12, 2017

U.S. Dept. of Transportation Releases New Federal Guidance for Automated Driving Systems (ADS): A Vision for Safety 2.0.

New Item Added September 8, 2017

FEMA Incident Management Handbook (IMH)
392 pages; PDF
September 2017
See Also: Coast Guard Incident Management Handbook (IMH-2014)

New Items Added September 5, 2017

Rescission of DACA: Official Statements, Memorandum, and FAQ

UDPATE: Collection of Statements re: DACA Rescission by Members of U.S. Congress (via ProPublica)

UPDATE: Full Text of Statement by President Barack Obama (via Facebook)

UPDATE:School Library Journal Editors Respond to DACA Decision


Amazon’s Drone Patents (Report from Center For the Study of the Drone, Bard College)

“Today, the Center for the Study of the Drone published “Amazon’s Drone Patents,” a survey of the more than 60 patents that Amazon has been awarded in recent years for its planned drone delivery program. The study found that the company appears to be looking to build a variety of different delivery technologies in order to accommodate a range of different operating environments and regulatory landscapes. Taken together, these patents represent a wide range of innovations that will have implications for a variety of industries beyond parcel delivery.”

New Items Added September 1, 2017

Federal Criminal Prosecutions Fall Under Trump (via TRAC/Syracuse University)

Data in the News: Real Estate: CoreLogic Analysis Estimates Total Residential Insured and Uninsured Flood Loss for Hurricane Harvey Between $25 Billion and $37 Billion — Approximately 70 Percent of Flood Damage is Uninsured 

New Items Added August 31, 2017

2017 National Preparedness Report (via FEMA)

Crime in Hawaii (via Crime Prevention & Justice Assistance Division, Attorney General of Hawaii)
195 pages; PDF. 

Crime and Justice: Repeat Violent Victimization, 2005-14 (via Bureau of Justice Statistics)

Education: College Applications of 2009 High School Freshmen: Differences by Race/Ethnicity (via NCES)

State of Obesity: Better Policies for a Healthier America (via Trust for America’s Health (TFAH) and Robert Wood Johnson Foundation) 
14th Annual Report .
Direct to Summary/News Release
Direct to All Report Resources
Direct to All Data
Direct to Obesity Rates and Trends Overview
Direct to State Policies to Prevent Obesity
Direct to The State of Childhood Obesity

Health: QuickStats: Percentage* of Children Aged 6–17 Years Who Wear Glasses or Contact Lenses, by Sex and Age Group — National Health Interview Survey, 2016 (via NCHS)

Immigration Court Backlog Climbs to 617,527 Cases (via TRAC/Syracuse University)

Immigration: Use of ICE Detainers: Obama vs. Trump (via TRAC/Syracuse University)

More New Reports

Air Travel

Air Travel Consumer Report (August 2017; via U.S. Dept. of Transportation)
67 pages; PDF.


Business R&D; Performed in the United States Reached $356 Billion in 2015 (via NSF)

Inc. 5000 2017 (Fastest Growing Private Companies in the United States) ||| Additional Resources

College Students

Beloit College Mindset List for the Class of 2021 Released ||| Guide to the List


China to Become the Second Largest R&D Industry Globally by 2020 (Summary, Chart via Euromonitor)


Economist Intelligence Unit Global Liveability Report 2017  (Most Liveable Cities)
Free overview. 14 pages; PDF.

Civil Rights

New Data/Analysis: Civil Rights Suits Against Schools More Than Double in Last Four Years (via Transactional Records Access Clearinghouse (TRAC), Syracuse University)


Assessing the U.S. Climate in July 2017 (via National Centers for Environmental Information)
August 8, 2017; Data, maps, and links.

Article: Global and Regional Climate in 2016 (via Weather, Royal Meteorological Society)


QuickStats: Age-Adjusted Rates for Homicides, by Race/Ethnicity—United States, 1999–2015 (via CDC)


Report on Improving Cybersecurity in the Health Care Industry (via Health Care Industry Cybersecurity Task Force)
96 pages; PDF.


The Best States for Data Innovation 2017 (via Center for Data Innovation)
85 pages; PDF. 


Digital Evolution Index 2017  (via Tufts University, Mastercard)
Multiple resources available.

Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) Releases 2016 Annual Report

Global Information/Communications Technologies (ICT) Facts and Figures 2017 (via ITU)
8 pages; PDF. + Data Files.

Internet Access and Use in Great Britain: 2017  (via Office of National Statistics) ||| Direct to Datasets Used in Report

Statistical Analysis of DNS Abuse in gTLDs” Report Available (via ICANN)
Summary ||| Full Text Report


Cartels and Gangs in CHICAGO (via Drug Enforcement Administration)
15 pages; PDF.

Colombian Cocaine Production Expansion Contributes to Rise in Supply in the United States (via Drug Enforcement Administration)

Declared States of Emergency: Opioid Crisis; Fact Sheet (via Network for Public Health Law, RWJF)
Fact Sheet ||| Primer (Opioid Related Public Health Emergency Declarations)

Drugs of Abuse: A DEA Resource Guide (2017 Edition)
94 pages; PDF.

Drug Slang Code Words (via Drug Enforcement Administration)
8 pages; PDF.

Fact Sheet: NCHS Data on Drug-Poisoning Deaths (August 2017; via National Center for Health Statistics) 2 pages; PDF. ||| HTML Version
See Also: Drug Poisoning Mortality: United States, 1999-2015 (Data Visualizations, Datasets)

Interim Report: President’s Commission on Combating Drug Addiction and the Opioid Crisis (via President’s Commission on Combating Drug Addiction and the Opioid Crisis)
10 pages; PDF.

The Opioid Threat in the Chicago Field Division (via Drug Enforcement Division)

The West Virginia Drug Situation (via Drug Enforcement Administration)7 pages; PDF.


Map and Data Table: What is the Real Value of $100 in U,S, Metropolitan Areas? (via Tax Foundation)

Map and Data Table: What Is the Real Value of $100 in Your State? (via Tax Foundation)


The Economic Value of Bachelor’s Degrees from The University of Texas System (via Georgetown University Center on Education and the Workforce)
54 pages; PDF.

A Fresh Look at Principals in U.S. Public Schools—Results from the National Teacher and Principal Survey (via NCES)
39 pages; PDF.

Informing Progress: Insights on Personalized Learning Implementation and Effects (via Rand Corp.)
59 pages; PDF. ||| Also Available: Teacher and Student Survey Results


World Nuclear Performance Report 2017 (via World Nuclear Association)
36 pages; PDF ||| Graphics From Report

U.S. Gasoline Production is Running Near Record Levels (via EIA)


8.3 Billion Metric Tons of Plastic … and Counting (Summary and Infographic; via UCSB) ||| Direct to Journal Article Discussed in Summary (via Science)

Global Temperature Report: July 2017 (via University of Alabama Huntsville)
Maps and graphs also available.

State of the Climate: Global Climate Report for July 2017 (via NCEI)
A summary blog post is also available.


ATF Releases International Firearms Trace Data Report (via Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives) ||| Additional ATF Trace Data


The Congressional Budget Office: Its Role, Long-Term Projections, and Use of Research (via CBO)
35 pages; PDF. 

Health and Healthcare

2018 Health Insurance Exchanges Issuer County Map (Updated August 9, 2017; via Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services)

Costs and Outcomes of Mental Health and Substance Use Disorders in the US (via Kaiser Family Foundation/JAMA)

Early Analysis of 21 Major Cities Tracks ACA Marketplace Premium Changes, Insurer Participation, Uncertainty (via KFF)

QuickStats: Suicide Rates for Teens Aged 15–19 Years, by Sex — United States, 1975–2015 (via MMWR/CDC)

Higher Education

Academic Ranking of World Universities 2017 (via Shanghai Ranking Consultancy)
Ranking ||| News Releases ||| Methodology/Survey ||| Advisory Board

Global Report: “The Value of Education: Higher and Higher” (via HSBC Global)
38 pages; PDF.

Higher and higher, looks at parents’ ambitions for their children, their views on the costs and benefits of education, and the sacrifices they are prepared to make to ensure their children can fulfil their potential. It also explores parents’ perceptions of digital learning and the importance of international studies in our globalised world.

Immigration (U.S.)

Where You Live Impacts Ability To Obtain Representation in Immigration Court (via Transactional Records Access Clearinghouse, Syracuse University) ||| Interactive Data Tool (via TRAC)


Additional Release of FISA Section 702 Documents (ACLU FOIA Release Documents) (via ODNI)


Syria and Iraq: Update July 2017 (via UK House of Commons Library)
37 pages; PDF. 


From Rand Corp: Working Conditions in the United States: Results of the 2015 American Working Conditions Survey

World Employment Social Outlook Trends For Women 2017 (via International Labour Office) ||| Additional Resources
72 pages; PDF. 


2016 Conflict of Interest Prosecution Survey (via U.S. Office of Government Ethics)

ICRC International Humanitarian Law Bibliography: 2nd quarter 2017 (via International Committee of the Red Cross) ||| Previous Editions
48 pages; PDF.

When It’s Time To Leave: Summary of California Mass Evacuation Laws (via PHLP/CDC)
7 pages; PDF. ||| HTML Version also available.


I Saw the News on Facebook’: Brand Attribution When Accessing News From Distributed Environments (via Reuters Institute/Oxford University)
28 pages; PDF.

State of the News Media 2017 (via Pew Research)
Digital NewsPublic Broadcasting ||| Hispanic and African American News Media Fact Sheet (Released August 7, 2017)

Money Laundering

Countering International Money Laundering: Total Failure is “Only a Decimal Point Away” (via Fact Coalition)
38 pages; PDF.

Natural Disasters

Global Catastrophe Recap: First Half of 2017 (via Aon Benfield)

June 2017 Global Catastrophe Recap (via Aon Benfield)


Data: HIV In Prisons, 2015 – Statistical Tables (via Bureau of Justice Statistics)
News Release/Key Findings ||| Direct to Data Tables (PDF, CSV)


U.S. Hispanic Population Growth Has Leveled Off (via Pew Research)

Real Estate

Home Prices Jump 6.2 Percent in Second Quarter; Eclipse 2016 High (via National Association of Realtors)

Top 50 Most Expensive Neighborhoods in LA County (via Property Shark)

Yardi Matrix Monthly Rent Report (U.S. Data)
11 pages; PDF
July 2017


South Sudan – Refugees Statistics (UNHCR via ReliefWeb)


International Religious Freedom Report for 2016 (via Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights and Labor, U.S. Dept. of State)
See Also: Direct to Text PDF Version of Report (by Country and Section)
See Also: Direct to Previously Released Reports

Social Media

Congressional Reactions to Charlottesville: An Analysis of 327 Tweets and Statements (via Demand Progress)


Report: NASA Should Continue its Large Strategic Missions to Maintain United States’ Global Leadership in Space (via National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine)
News Release/Key Findings ||| Full Text Report (Read Online or Download (Free)/Purchase Print

Student Loans

The Student Loan Crisis: A Look at the Data (via Brookings)


Syria and Iraq: Update July 2017 (via UK House of Commons Library)
37 pages; PDF. 


Countering Islamic State Messaging Through “Linkage-Based” Analysis (via International Centre for Counter-Terrorism – The Hague)
24 pages; PDF. 

Exploding Stereotypes: The Unexpected Operational and Demographic Characteristics of Boko Haram’s Suicide Bombers (via Combatting Terrorism Center at West Point)
53 pages; PDF.

U.S. State Department Releases Country Reports on Terrorism 2016
News Release ||| Direct to Report

Vital Statistics 

Births in the U.S.: Provisional Data for 2016 (via NCHS) 
21 pages; PDF.


Cost of Community Violence to Hospitals and Health Systems (via American Hospital Association)
19 pages; PDF.

Women in the Workplace

Data About Women in the Workplace in 2017 (via LinkedIn)

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