May 26, 2022

Using Wolfram|Alpha to Access and Analyze Census Data

C. Alan Joyce from Wolfram|Alpha has a terrific post (the first in a series) about using the wonderful computational reference resource to analyze data (comparisons, chart, etc.) from the American Community Survey (U.S. Census). The post includes background, screenshots, and plenty examples of what’s possible when you utilize Wolfram|Alpha. Here are a few examples: Population […]

New: Use Wolfram|Alpha to Analyze Shakespeare and Other Great Works of Literature

Here’s yet another example for your growing list of things  you can do with Wolfram|Alpha, the superb and always expanding reference and ready reference tool. From a Wolfram|Alpha Blog Post: For hundreds of years, scholars have carefully studied the plays of Shakespeare, breaking down the language and carefully dissecting every act and scene. We thought […]

Meow and Bow Wow: Wolfram|Alpha Adds Data About Cats and Dogs

In two Wolfram|Alpha blog posts, you can take a look at some of the factual data about cats and dogs that has been added to their database and get a few ideas about how you can use it. Cats Dogs Examples Cat Breeds Size Labrador Retriever and Clumber Spanie British Longhair Cat Working Dogs

New Services: Wolfram|Alpha Goes Pro With Powerful Data Analysis & Presentation Tools

Here’s a quick look at the new Wolfram|Alpha Pro (fee-based) that is set to go live in the next few hours. The article was written by INFOdocket’s Gary Price, who is also a contributing editor at Search Engine Land. Direct to: “Wolfram|Alpha Goes Pro With Powerful Data Analysis & Presentation Tools” Direct to Wolfram|Alpha Pro […]

Wolfram|Alpha Scores Again With Rich NFL Data

The article was written by INFOdocket’s Gary Price and was published on Search Engine Land where he’s a contributing editor. Direct to: “Wolfram|Alpha Scores Again With Rich NFL Data“

New Resource For Educators and Students: Beta Version of the Wolfram Education Portal Now Online

From the Wolfram|Alpha Blog: We are happy to announce the launch of the free Beta version of the Wolfram Education Portal. The portal comes equipped with a dynamic and interactive textbook, lesson plans aligned to the common core standards, and many other supplemental materials for your courses, including Wolfram Demonstrations, widgets, and videos. The Education […]

Wolfram|Alpha Releases "Lawyer's Professional Assistant" App

“Lawyer’s Professional Assistant” is the latest app release from Wolfram|Alpha. W|A mobile apps (iOS*) provides a variety of tools and features from their main database packaged specifically for various needs or user groups. In other words, a focused resources (vs using the entire database) that can make for easy/quick access and full utilization. To be […]

Wolfram|Alpha Upgrades Chemistry Functionality

From the W|A Blog: We here at Wolfram|Alpha are constantly trying to improve the user experience by fine-tuning our algorithms and making our functionality in every domain more versatile and flexible. We are pleased to announce that we have made useful upgrades to chemistry functionality in Wolfram|Alpha, especially in the domain of solution chemistry. A […]

Interactive Search Results to the Max: Wolfram|Alpha Launches Experimental CDF (Computable Document Format) Demo

The following technology will be of interest to all. You might not use it today but the technology itself is what’s important. Science and math info pros might want to start using and demonstrating its availability via Wolfram|Alpha.   From a Blog Post by Stephen Wolfram Two weeks ago we made a major announcement: building […]

New Tools and Resources From Wolfram|Alpha (3 Items)

They are busy in Chambana (Champaign-Urbana, IL)  where Wolfram|Alpha is based. 1. New Search Feature: Direct Actions For example: goto:[url] entered into any Wolfram|Alpha search box will take you directly to that site. Try: Try: bing: or google:[search terms] to run search using those engines. If you like the concept it’s one of the […]