February 24, 2021

Roundup: A Week's Worth of News About Google and Google+ (16 Items)

Google makes a lot of news . Whatever they’re doing, plan to do, about to do, might do, people want them to do, etc. gets coverage. The last time we did a roundup several of you let us know that it was useful so we’re going to do it again. If fact, we will try […]

Tools For the Google+ User: Add Twitter/Facebook Button(s) to Goog+ Page; Grab a Vanity + URL; Monitor + User Stats

All of the following items are free and it’s likely many similar tools exist right now or will exist in the near future. From CrossRider Google+Tweet (For Firefox, Chrome, IE) Add a button that lets yo click on/off a fairly robust Twitter client directly from Google+ Google+Facebook Same idea but for Facebook From gPlus.to Since […]

So Long, Goodbye, and Farewell: The Google Wonder Wheel is No More

Gary*** has written a report about the end of Google’s Wonder Wheel for Search Engine Land. You can read the story here. *** In addition to serving as co-founder and co-editor of INFOdocket, Gary was recently named a contributing editor at Search Engine Land.

Foodborne Illness Cost Calculator

Foodborne Illness Cost Calculator The Economic Research Service (ERS) estimates of the costs of illness and premature death for a number of foodborne illnesses have been used in regulatory cost-benefit and impact analyses. Like all cost estimates, the ERS estimates include assumptions about disease incidence, outcome severity, and the level of medical, productivity, and disutility […]

Harvard Library Lab/The Podcast 003: The Digital Citation (David Weinberger Talks to Dan Cohen)

Direct to Podcast Blog Post and Link to Audio It’s the Dave & Dan show! David Weinberger from the Harvard Library Innovation Lab and Dan Cohen, the Co-Director of the Ray Rosenzweig Center for History and New Media (CHNM) at George Mason University discuss Zotero, the free bibliographic reference manager program that is being developed […]

Neat! All bitly Pro Fee-Based Features are Now Free

From the bitly Blog: Since launching in December of 2009, our bitly Pro whitelabel service has grown to power over 10,000 custom short domains, including but by no means limited to gat.es (The Gates Foundation), diddy.it, (Diddy), dalaila.ma (His Holiness the Dalai Lama), and cart.mn (South Park Studios). To make our whitelabel service available to as many […]

Using Wikis in Government: A Guide for Public Managers

Using Wikis in Government: A Guide for Public Managers Dr. (Ines) Mergel describes the managerial, cultural, behavioral, and technological issues that public managers face in starting and maintaining Wikis. Public leaders face the challenge of finding ways to bridge silos in their organizations. In this report, Dr. Mergel examines one tool that can help them […]

Using Online Tools to Engage – and be Engaged by –The Public

Using Online Tools to Engage – and be Engaged by –The Public Mr. Leighninger’s report begins to pull back the veil on how the various online engagement tactics and tools can be used, and when they work best. His report describes common scenarios where public managers may find themselves needing, or using, public input. He […]

What's Behind Microsoft's $8.5 Billion Takeover of Skype?

What’s Behind Microsoft’s $8.5 Billion Takeover of Skype? Rumors that Facebook or Cisco would buy Skype were proven wrong on Tuesday when Microsoft struck an $8.5 billion deal — its largest ever — to acquire the online voice and video chat service. Most analysts have welcomed the takeover as a shrewd move on the grounds […]

National Science Foundation Helps Fund scrible, A New Web Annotation Tool/Personal Web Cache + Video Demo

scrible (pronounced scribble) launched about a week ago and you can learn more (free to register and use) here. The company has received a $500,000 grant from the National Science Foundation. From Venture Beat: The company lets users do three things: Save articles and pages so they’re available if the original goes offline; richly annotate […]