March 22, 2018

Research Paper: Search Engine Data a Useful Predictor of Stock Returns

From a University of Kansas Story: New research by a team of researchers at the KU School of Business demonstrates that online ticker searches – for example, “XOM” for Exxon Mobil – can predict abnormal stock returns and trading volumes during the subsequent week. The research also shows that highly volatile stocks will be more […]

Paper — Gender Bias in Wikipedia and Britannica

Gender Bias in Wikipedia and Britannica Is there a bias in the against women’s representation in Wikipedia biographies? Thousands of biographical subjects, from six sources, are compared against the English-language Wikipedia and the online Encyclopædia Britannica with respect to coverage, gender representation, and article length. We conclude that Wikipedia provides better coverage and longer articles, […]

Preprint: "A Study of Faculty Data Curation Behaviors and Attitudes at a Teaching-Centered University"

Title: “A Study of Faculty Data Curation Behaviors and Attitudes at a Teaching-Centered University” Source: C&RL (College and Research Libraries) Authors: Jeanine Marie Scaramozzino, Marisa L. Ramirez, and Karen J. McGaughey Affiliation (All Authors): Robert E. Kennedy Library, California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo, CA Accepted for Publication: August 2011 Anticipated Publication Date: May […]

Preprint: "Citation Analysis as a Tool to Measure the Impact of Individual Research Consultations"

by Thomas L. Reinsfelder Source: College & Research Libraries (29  pages; PDF) Note: This article was accepted on June 13, 2011 and Scheduled to Appear in the March, 2012 Issue Direct to Complete Article (29 pages; PDF): From the Intro: It is not unusual for librarians to interact with undergraduates during the beginning stages of […]

Comparing Health Care Quality: A National Directory

Comparing Health Care Quality: A National Directory In every community across America, both good and bad care is being delivered in doctors’ offices and hospitals. Bad care causes medical errors and poor outcomes and wastes resources and money. That’s why it is important to know if health care providers deliver high-quality health care by making […]

New Research Paper from HP Labs — Event Detection in Twitter

Event Detection in Twitter Twitter, as a form of social media, is fast emerging in recent years. Users are using Twitter to report real-life events. This paper focuses on detecting those events by analyzing the text stream in Twitter. Although event detection has long been a research topic, the characteristics of Twitter make it a […]

Trinity U. Professor on: "How Google Disrespected Mexican History"

On the Miller-McCune web site, Richard J. Salvucci, an economics professor at Trinity University in San Antonio has authored, “How Google Disrespected Mexican History.” The column focuses on Google abruptly ending their newspaper digitization program. We posted about it when it happened last month. Since some of what we wrote is quoted in the Salvucci’s […]

From Google Research: "Languages of the World (Wide Web)"

This new Google Research Blog post contains several charts that are worth a look. The web is vast and infinite. Its pages link together in a complex network, containing remarkable structures and patterns. Some of the clearest patterns relate to language. Most web pages link to other pages on the same web site, and the […]

OCLC Research and Research Libraries UK to Survey Special Collections and Archives in Research Libraries Within the UK and Ireland"

From an OCLC Announcement: OCLC Research and Research Libraries UK are working together on a project to gather data on special collections in research libraries in the UK and Ireland. The project is similar to a project conducted by OCLC Research in 2009 that gathered data on special collections in the United States and Canada. […]

New Research Paper: "How Much of the Web is Archived?"

“How Much of the Web is Archived?” (3 pages; PDF) by Scott G. Ainsworth, Ahmed Alsum, Hany SalahEldeen, Michele C. Weigle, and Michael L. Nelson Presented at JCDL 2011 Earlier This Month From a Web Science and Digital Libraries Research Group (Old Dominion University) Blog Post: There are many questions to ask about web archiving […]