May 20, 2022

Adding Transparency to the Ebook Transaction

During September 2011, Overdrive announced that some of the ebooks it provided would be accessible on Kindle devices. This was a big moment in the history of ebooks and libraries. It was something that the library community wanted. However, with the increased access came privacy concerns. would, due to the way the system was […]

Privacy: Lawmakers Introduce Legislation to Protect Internet Passwords

From The Hill: A group of Senate and House Democrats introduced legislation on Wednesday to prevent bosses from forcing a job applicant or employee to reveal the password to any private online information, such as a Facebook or email account. The Password Protection Act would make it illegal for an employer to coerce access to […]

New from Consumer Reports: Facebook & Your Privacy (Who Sees Your Data)

An article (available online) from the June 2012 issue of Consumer Reports reports on Facebook, its users, and privacy issues. Title “Facebook & Your Privacy: Who sees the data you share on the biggest social network?” Source Consumer Reports From the Article Some people are sharing too much. Our projections suggest that 4.8 million people […]

New European Plan Proposed for Safer Internet for Children and Teenagers

From Euroalert: The European Commission set out a plan for safer internet and better internet content for children and teenagers. In particular, the new strategy is to build up the market for interactive, creative and educational content online, in a partnership between the European Commission and Member States, mobile phone operators, handset manufacturers and providers […]

BNA: "Employers Should Tread Carefully in Asking For Facebook, Other Social Media Passwords"

BNA’s Human Resources Report offers an in-depth review of this social media/privacy story including comments/opinion from several lawyers. Direct to Article (Free)

FTC Issues Final Commission Report on Protecting Consumer Privacy

Direct to Full Text Report (112 pages; PDF) From an FTC Announcement/Summary: The Federal Trade Commission, the nation’s chief privacy policy and enforcement agency, issued a final report setting forth best practices for businesses to protect the privacy of American consumers and give them greater control over the collection and use of their personal data. […]

A Roundup of News About Google (Google+, Privacy, New Features)

A roundup of some recent reports. Of course, this only roundup only scratches the surface of recent Google press. Google + Google+ Users Are Spending Just 3.3 Minutes a Month on Site, ComScore Says (via Bloomberg) Google’s arrogance exposed in Google+ (via Marketwatch) Note: This article includes a link to a WSJ with more statistics. […]

White House Unveils 'Privacy Bill of Rghts' Initiative

From The Hill: The White House announced a set of principles for protecting consumers’ privacy online Thursday and promised to work with Congress to enact them into law. The guidelines, dubbed a “Privacy Bill of Rights,” spell out how Web companies should handle user information. The White House declared that consumers have a right to […]

36 Attorneys General Question Google's New Privacy Policy While Center For Digital Democracy Files Complaint With FTC

Two stories. 1.  State AGs Voice Concern With Google’s Privacy Changes (via CNBC) Citing concerns that recent changes to Google’s privacy policy heighten the risk of identity theft and fraud, 36 Attorneys General have sent the company’s chief executive a letter outlining their issues with the new guidelines. Full Text of Letter Sent to Larry […]

Lawmakers: Google Dodging Details on Privacy Issues

From Digital Daily (via AllThingsD/WSJ): Several members of Congress continued to express reservations about Google’s new privacy policy after a closed-door meeting on Thursday, with one House member saying that Google’s handling of sensitive medical searches may violate HIPAA, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. House lawmakers met with Google Deputy General Counsel Mike […]