May 22, 2022

Congrats! Peter Brantley is the New Director of Scholarly Communications at

UPDATE: Peter answers eight questions about his work and new job in this Q&A interview with LJ’s Meredith Schwartz. infoDOCKET would like to congratulate our friend and colleague Peter Brantley on his new job as the Director of Scholarly Communications at Peter is both well-known and highly respected in both the library and publishing […]

"Remembering the Rights of Others" by Peter Brantley

In his latest PW post, Peter Brantley discusses the National Federation for the Blind filing to become a defendant in the Author’s Guild v. HathiTrust lawsuit. He writes: It seems to me that in the AG’s aggressive pursuit of the copyrights of their membership, they have forgotten that rights might have been created for others. […]

Peter Brantley on a Collective eBook Lending Service for Libraries

Peter’s Latest Publisher’s Weekly Blog post is a very interesting thought piece and call to action about providing ebooks to library users using a collective approach that would work for both libraries and publishers. His ideas are more that deserving of your attention and worth sharing with colleagues. An excellent discussion starter. Here are two […]

Audio/Text Transcript: Peter Brantley Interviewed on Public Radio About Libraries and eBooks

Chicago Public Radio has aired and posted a seven minute interview with Peter Brantley from the Internet Archive and their awesome Open Library project. The interview begins with a brief discussion about some of the current issues involving ebook lending and libraries before discussing the Open Library “In-Library eBook Lending Program” that began in February […]

Article: "One Google Books To Rule Them All?"

A review of the entire Google Books story by Maria Bustillos at The Awl. Two people who we mention often on INFOdocket, Professor James Grimmelmann and Peter Brantley are mentioned and/or quoted in the piece. Direct to “One Google Books To Rule Them All?” See Also: Two More Recently Posted GBS Articles: “Copyright and Research […]

eBooks: A Live Stream of the Books in Browsers Event Later This Week Will Be Available

If you have an interest in ebooks, the future of publishing, future of reading, etc. the following event will be of interest. In fact, it’s required viewing. This Thursday and Friday at the Internet Archive in San Francisco, Books in Browsers 2011 will take place and we’ve learned from conference organizer Peter Brantley that the […]

eBooks: "Non-fiction, Cinema, and Libraries" by Peter Brantley

In a new Publisher’s Weekly Blog Post, Peter Brantley talks about enhanced e-books. From the Post: I think it is inevitable that over the next few years we’ll see most non-fiction works move into this form of cross-media narrative. Peter Osnos observes in The Atlantic that “What is essential to the process of producing an […]

New from Peter Brantley: "Lending E-Books is about B-2-C"

Here’s a new blog post by Peter Brantley on the Publisher’s Weekly site. Title: “Lending E-Books is about B-2-C” By: Peter Brantley From the Blog Post: Eric Hellman writes that Macmillan CEO John Sargent has said, “You get the book, read it, return it and get another, all without paying a thing. ‘It’s like Netflix, […]

"Defining 'Library'": Peter Brantley's First Publisher's Weekly Column

Peter Brantley Writes: When technology disrupts culture, the impacts reach far beyond economics. The book as we have known it—an object of a certain size, rectangular form, and weight—was an industrial product resulting from a set of complex economic, legal, and social relationships. What we can do with books is wrapped in a collective understanding […]

Libraries/Publishing: Congrats to Our Friend and New (Just Announced) Publisher's Weekly Blogger, Peter Brantley

By Gary Price, C0-Founder and Co-Editor We’re very happy to report that our friend and friend of INFOdocket, Peter Brantley (someone who I’m sure MANY of you know personally), is going to be blogging for Publisher’s Weekly. This new gig is in ADDITION to his job as Director of the Internet Archive’s Bookserver Project. Prior […]