June 14, 2021

DigitalLiteracy.gov Launches and We're Disappointed (Things Can Only Get Better)

Earlier today, the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (part of the U.S. Dept. of Commerce) launched its DigitalLiteracy.gov portal. You can read about the site here. This is a great idea and an important resource that either the government or some organization that deals with information access should have developed years ago. We’re glad the […]

Online Database: Information Literacy and Instruction: "PRIMO" (Peer-Reviewed Instructional Materials Online Database)

PRIMO is produced by the Library Instruction Division of Association of College and Reference Libraries. From the Database Web Site: PRIMO is a means to promote and share peer-reviewed instructional materials created by librarians to teach people about discovering, accessing and evaluating information in networked environments. The Committee hopes that publicizing selective, high quality resources […]

Info Technology: U.S. Government: "Closing the Cyber Skills Gap"

From a Deloitte Web Page: A new Deloitte survey revealed that only 23 percent of federal managers are “very confident” that their cybersecurity staff had the skills needed to accomplish their agency’s cybersecurity priorities, and less than half (47 percent) were even “somewhat confident.” For the “Cyber Workforce Preparedness Survey,” Deloitte asked 100 federal agency […]