May 18, 2022

36 Attorneys General Question Google's New Privacy Policy While Center For Digital Democracy Files Complaint With FTC

Two stories. 1.  State AGs Voice Concern With Google’s Privacy Changes (via CNBC) Citing concerns that recent changes to Google’s privacy policy heighten the risk of identity theft and fraud, 36 Attorneys General have sent the company’s chief executive a letter outlining their issues with the new guidelines. Full Text of Letter Sent to Larry […]

A Sneak Peek Look at Four Silicon Valley Labs (Including Google and Yahoo)

Popular Mechanic takes a brief look at research projects at: + Google + Yahoo + VW + GM Each one page report looks at one specific project. The Google piece focuses on  Google Goggles and mentions of a couple of other image recognition tools (Word Lens and omoby). The Yahoo article discusses the C.O.R.E. Visualization  […]

Google and Facebook Comply with Indian Court Orders

UPDATE: Google and Facebook Comply with Indian Court Orders (via OpenNet Initiative) From the The Wall St. Journal (via Google News): A person familiar with the matter said Google removed content from its search service, YouTube video site and Blogger after receiving an order to do so from Judge Mukesh Kumar of a New Delhi district […]

Lawmakers: Google Dodging Details on Privacy Issues

From Digital Daily (via AllThingsD/WSJ): Several members of Congress continued to express reservations about Google’s new privacy policy after a closed-door meeting on Thursday, with one House member saying that Google’s handling of sensitive medical searches may violate HIPAA, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. House lawmakers met with Google Deputy General Counsel Mike […]

A Roundup of Recent News About Google (Privacy Policy, Google Plus, and New Search Features)

Each day we all come across news by and about Google.  It might be a new search services, and updated policy, or new statistics. UPDATE: Google+ Now Available to Teens Note: At the time of posting, Google+ documentation still shows that the age limit is 18. Here’s a roundup of several recent Google stories. We […]

EPIC Urges Federal Trade Commission to Investigate Google Search

From the Electronic Privacy Information Clearinghouse: In a letter to the Federal Trade Commission, EPIC has called for an investigation of recent changes by Google to Google Search, the dominant search algorithm on the Internet. EPIC cited Google’s decision to include personal data, such as photos, posts, and contact details, gathered from Google+ in Google […]

Google Web Search Results Get More Personal With Launch of "Search Plus Your World"

From a Search Engine Land Post by Danny Sullivan: Google’s search results are undergoing their most radical transformation ever, as a new “Search Plus Your World” format begins rolling out today. It finds both content that’s been shared with you privately along with matches from the public web, all mixed into a single set of […]

US Senators Call For FTC Investigation Into Google’s Search Results

From an Article by Matt McGee on Search Engine Land: US Senators Herb Kohl and Mike Lee are urging the Federal Trade Commission to investigate whether Google unfairly favors its own properties in search results. Kohl and Lee are both members of the Senate’s antitrust subcommittee — that’s where Google’s Eric Schmidt testified in-person back […]

UK: Google Partners with Bloomsbury Public Library Online

From The Bookseller (UK): Google is partnering with Bloomsbury’s Public Library Online, sponsoring two of the digital library’s virtual bookshelves from January 2012 to February 2013. [Clip] Google copyright policy and communications management Simon Morrison said: “We have been talking to Bloomsbury for a little while. We’re sponsoring the two shelves because we share interests […]

New Infographic: Who’s Using Google +?

From a Flowtown Blog Post by Dan Martell: We all know about the high profile Google+ users such as Mark Zuckerberg or Sergey Brin, but what about the average user? We take a look at the demographics of Google+ and just how active they are. Data sources are provided. A Flowtown Infographic