May 18, 2022

A Roundup of News About Google (Google+, Privacy, New Features)

A roundup of some recent reports. Of course, this only roundup only scratches the surface of recent Google press. Google + Google+ Users Are Spending Just 3.3 Minutes a Month on Site, ComScore Says (via Bloomberg) Google’s arrogance exposed in Google+ (via Marketwatch) Note: This article includes a link to a WSJ with more statistics. […]

A Roundup of Recent News About Google (Privacy Policy, Google Plus, and New Search Features)

Each day we all come across news by and about Google.  It might be a new search services, and updated policy, or new statistics. UPDATE: Google+ Now Available to Teens Note: At the time of posting, Google+ documentation still shows that the age limit is 18. Here’s a roundup of several recent Google stories. We […]

New Infographic: Who’s Using Google +?

From a Flowtown Blog Post by Dan Martell: We all know about the high profile Google+ users such as Mark Zuckerberg or Sergey Brin, but what about the average user? We take a look at the demographics of Google+ and just how active they are. Data sources are provided. A Flowtown Infographic

"Google Shuttering Buzz In Favor Of Google+; Farewell To Labs"

From a Search Engine Land Article by Pamela Parker: Buzz was a great learning experience, says Google, but in a few weeks it will be shut down and all such efforts will be focused on Google Plus. The move will likely come as no surprise to Google-watchers, who noted that Buzz integration with Google+ was […]

New: A Social Media Handbook for U.S. Marines (Full-Text)

How organizations deal with social media use by employees and members is a popular topic. We thought some of  you might like to see a new social media guide that the U.S. Marines published last month and posted on AOL Government. It’s a 48 page PDF that we’ve linked to below. We’ve also linked to […]

"Google+ Opens To Everyone, Adds Search, Expands Hangouts"

From a Post on Search Engine Land by Danny Sullivan: After three months, anyone who wants in to the Google+  social network can now get in. The company announced the news today on its blog, along with a new Google+ search feature and expanded functionality for hangouts’. Danny points out that also available today is […]

Google News & New Resources Roundup (Late August/Early September 2011)

Google Roundup (Late August/Early September 2011) Note: Items in this roundup were published between August 16, 2011 and September 6, 2011. 1. [Oops!]: “Closed, Says Google, but Shops’ Signs Say Open” (via NY Times) 2. See Also: Google Aims to Close Google Maps Loophole (via PC World) 3. “Google Customer Support Surprise: Phone Reps Handling […]

Google's Eric Schmidt Says, "If You Don’t Want To Use Your Real Name, Don’t Use Google+"

From Mashable: Google+ was meant to be an identity service, Google Chairman Eric Schmidt said this weekend, shedding some light on Google’s reasoning behind Google+’s controversial real-name policy. Google’s requirement that members of its social layer, Google+, use only their real names has been a point of contention for several weeks — especially for people […]

Now Available via Gmail and Google Plus: First Working Example of Gmail/Google+ Integration

Now Available: “A first, tiny step: view recent Google+ posts in the Gmail people widget!” That’s what Mark Striebeck, the person in charge of developing Gmail’s front-end reports in a new post. He writes: You can now see the most recent Google+ post that the sender of the email shared with you in the Gmail […]

Video: Business Insider: "Here's What Normal People Really Think Of Google+"

Direct to Video: “Here’s What Normal People Really Think Of Google (via Business Insider) We’ve said it many times and we will say it again, although Google+ has been successful (very successful) to this point with early adopters and tech geeks, it in no way reflects what the non-geek user (aka “the masses”) think or […]