March 20, 2018

Roundup: New Features and Tools Announced at Facebook D8 Conference

The Facebook F8 conference is taking place today (watch live) in San Francisco and Mark Zuckerberg spoke and introduced a bunch of new features and services. We’ve also included in this roundup Facebook news from the past few days. 1. Live Blogging The Keynote (Timeline + Ticker) (by Greg Sterling, Search Engine Land) The timeline […]

"Google+ Opens To Everyone, Adds Search, Expands Hangouts"

From a Post on Search Engine Land by Danny Sullivan: After three months, anyone who wants in to the Google+  social network can now get in. The company announced the news today on its blog, along with a new Google+ search feature and expanded functionality for hangouts’. Danny points out that also available today is […]

New Research from Ipsos: "E-Readers Still Beat Tablets Among the Wealthy"

From AdAge: Even after adding the kids of affluent heads of household to the survey, Ipsos still finds some newer technologies, such as tablet computers, smart phones and flat-screen TVs still count fewer than half of the richest Americans (the 20% with incomes of $100,000 or more annually by the Ipsos defnitition) as owners. [Clip] […]

Research Paper: "Faceted Identity, Faceted Lives: Social and Technical Issues with Being Yourself Online"

From Yahoo Research Title: “Faceted Identity, Faceted Lives: Social and Technical Issues with Being Yourself Online” Authors: Shelly D. Farnham, S.D.; Elizabeth F. ChurchillSource: Computer Supported Cooperative Work (CSCW), ACM, Hangzhou, China (2011) Abstract: This paper explores key issues people experience managing personal boundaries within and across social technologies. We look in particular at email […]

Coming Thursday: Facebook Will Roll Out New Privacy, Tagging, and Sharing Features

Greg Sterling Writes at Search Engine Land: There will be extensive discussion and debate today about whether the broad and welcome array of new privacy, tagging and sharing controls on Facebook are or aren’t a response to Google+. I directly asked Facebook that question and was told that the new features have nothing to do […]

UK Government: August 25, 2011 in London: "Riot Summit for Social Networks"

From the BBC: The major social networks have been called to the home office next Thursday to discuss the English riots. So far only Facebook has confirmed its attendance, although Blackberry has suggested it will also be there. Facebook, Twitter and Blackberry have all been criticised after it emerged that some rioters may have used […]

"Bogus Warnings Phone Warnings Go Viral On Facebook"

Here’s yet another example of how quickly bad info can spread. Once it’s posted (and if seen) the person posting it (regardless of intent) looses control. If a person or company does not respond quickly and completely the rumor can continue to spread making the actual, correct info a larger challenge to disseminate and get […]

Infographic: "Social Network Wars: How The Five Major Platforms Stack Up"

Sarah Kessler and Emily Caufield at Mashable have done an impressive job putting together a helpful infographic that allows you to quickly determine and compare key features on five social networking platforms. The infographic might make a useful training handout and/or link to share. Direct to Infographic The Platforms Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn Tumblr The […]

New From Facebook For Facebook: A Messaging Only App (Facebook Messenger)

From mocoNews: As it has rolled out a series of improvements to its messaging features, Facebook has been trying to encourage its users to think of its network as a better alternative to e-mail and instant messaging applications. It took that strategy a step further Tuesday with the release of a new mobile messaging application […]

Milestones: "Flickr hits 6 billion total photos, but Facebook does that every 2 months"

From The Next Web: Popular photo-sharing website Flickr announced on Thursday that it had surpassed the 6 billion photos, reaching the milestone in just under seven and a half years. According to The Next Web article, uploads to Flickr have increased about 20% year over year What about Facebook as a place to store and share […]