May 24, 2022

The Crowdfunding of eBooks: Formally Launches This Thursday

A couple of days ago we posted a link to a new interview with the Founder and President of GlueJar (provider of, Eric Hellman. Now, a blog post from lets all of us know that the site/database/platform will formally launch in two days (Thursday, May 17, 2012) at Noon EDT but you can […]

Audio: New “Beyond the Book” Podcast Features Interview with GlueJar’s Eric Hellman

GlueJar Founder and CEO Eric Hellman and is interviewed by Chris Kenneally in the latest “Beyond the Book” podcast from the Copyright Clearance Center. From the Blurb Posted on the Beyond the Book web page: We want to offer rightsholders the opportunity to get a one-time payment in exchange for making their books into Creative […]

New from Peter Brantley: "Lending E-Books is about B-2-C"

Here’s a new blog post by Peter Brantley on the Publisher’s Weekly site. Title: “Lending E-Books is about B-2-C” By: Peter Brantley From the Blog Post: Eric Hellman writes that Macmillan CEO John Sargent has said, “You get the book, read it, return it and get another, all without paying a thing. ‘It’s like Netflix, […]

Eric Hellman Says "3M's eBook Cloud Library Didn't Come Out of Nowhere!"

A new blog post by  GlueJar President and the founder of Go To Hellman (one of our favorite blogs), Eric Hellman. From the Blog Post: When Douglas County Libraries began investigating how to put ebooks into county resident’s computers, they wanted to do something similar. A user looking for ebooks should be greeted with a […]

Eric Hellman on Public Bookcasting: "The Public Broadcasting Model for eBooks"

One of the best commentators about eBooks/ePublishing shares his vision about how a public broadcasting donation model could work with eBook. Hellman Writes: A public “bookcasting” system would work somewhat differently from public radio. Audiences and patrons would be assembled around individual books and authors, which would be much more numerous than radio stations. People […]