May 24, 2022

Reviews: "E is for Enhanced: 8 Enhanced Ebooks Worth Checking Out"

Jennifer Bergen from offers a look at 8 enhanced e-book titles. Enhanced ebooks can include video, film clips from news reels or major motion pictures, drawings, author interviews, original music, diagrams, photos, and more. In most cases, you can think of an enhanced ebook as an ebook with that extra bonus disc of features […]

eBooks: "Non-fiction, Cinema, and Libraries" by Peter Brantley

In a new Publisher’s Weekly Blog Post, Peter Brantley talks about enhanced e-books. From the Post: I think it is inevitable that over the next few years we’ll see most non-fiction works move into this form of cross-media narrative. Peter Osnos observes in The Atlantic that “What is essential to the process of producing an […]