April 22, 2021

New Directory: Library Census Maps 1,000 Federal Libraries

From a Library of Congress Announcement: Profiles of U.S. federal libraries from around the world are now available online. Presented dynamically with an interactive mapping tool, the Federal Library Directory displays geographic and collections data from more than 1,000 libraries. This publicly available dataset identifies members of the federal library and information center community and […]

Reference: World Guide to Covered Bridges Database (Searchable)

The database is produced by the National Center for Wood Transportation Structures (NCWTS) at Iowa St. University. From the Database Info Page: The World Guide to Covered Bridges is produced and maintained by the National Society for the Preservation of Covered Bridges. It uses a numbering system to identify the individual bridges The National Park […]

New from U. of Toronto Libraries: Soviet Samizdat Periodicals Database

From the University of Toronto Soviet Samizdat Periodicals Database: Soviet Samizdat Periodicals is a database of information about editions of classic Soviet samizdat, 1956-1986. The Database includes approximately 300 titles, representing all known types of  periodical editions from this late Soviet era, including human rights bulletins, poetry anthologies, rock zines, religious and national editions. The […]

USDA Forest Service launches expanded Fall Colors 2011 website

USDA Forest Service launches expanded Fall Colors 2011 website Fall Colors 2011 is underway with the U.S. Forest Service leading the charge to urge people to get outdoors, spend time in rural communities, and enjoy one of nature’s most spectacular seasons. “Fall is a special time when nature’s work transforms our landscapes into a natural patchwork […]

Reference: New NLM Enviro-Health Links Page: Developing and Using Medicines for Children

From the National Library of Medicine Technical Bulletin: The National Library of Medicine Division of Specialized Information Services (SIS) has released an Enviro-Health Links page on Developing and Using Medicines for Children. In regards to medications, it is important to remember that children are not small adults. Developing and Using Medicines for Children provides links […]

Recently Updated: Business, Management & the Economy in East Asia: A Guide to Selected Information Sources

From the Business Reference Services at the Library of Congress: This guide provides a brief overview and information on selected books, periodicals, and electronic resources on business, management, economic trends in East Asia. The guide includes English language material that looks at larger macroeconomic policies and trends, as well as those microeconomic issues that involve […]

Nonprofit Startup Map: Nonprofit Startup Resources by State

Nonprofit Startup Resources by State The Nonprofit Startup Map provides links to helpful state resources such as nonprofit associations, legal support organizations and government agencies. Source: Foundation Center

Your Guide to Reporting Problems to FDA

Your Guide to Reporting Problems to FDA Consumers play an important public health role by reporting to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) any adverse events (unexpected side effects) after using a medical product, or other problems with any products that the agency regulates. Timely reporting allows the agency to take prompt action. There are […]

Reference: 2 New Science Tracer Bullets from Library of Congress: Petroleum Engineering & Plant Exploration and Introduction

1. Title: LC Science Tracer Bullet: Petroleum Engineering (11-3) Petroleum is a naturally occurring liquid mixture of complex hydrocarbons, usually found in deposits beneath the earth’s surface. After distillation petroleum yields combustible fuels, petrochemicals, and lubricants. These can be gaseous (natural gas), liquid (crude oil, crude petroleum), solid (asphalt, tar, bitumen), or a combination of […]

New Science Reference Guide From the Library of Congress: “African Americans in Medicine: Selected Titles”

Title: African Americans in Medicine: Selected Titles (Books) Compiled by Daniel Gray, Intern, June 2011 Science Reference Section, Science, Technology and Business Division at the Library of Congress Direct to Complete Guide