May 23, 2022

Health Information Online: “Researchers Tune In to the Internet Buzz” (NLM Funded Research)

From The Wall St. Journal: Looking for medical information on Internet message boards can be risky for consumers. Some of it is confusing, misleading or downright wrong. But for medical researchers, all that chatter can yield some valuable insights. Scientists from the University of Pennsylvania, for example, are mining message boards and Twitter feeds to […]

NSF: 2011 Digging Into Data Challenge Winners Announced

From the National Science Foundation: Eight international research funders from four countries today jointly announced the 14 winners of the second Digging Into Data Challenge, a competition to promote innovative humanities and social science research using large-scale data analysis. Winning teams representing Canada, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and the United States will receive a […]

U.S. Government Intelligence: DNI/IARPA Announces Open Source Indicators Program

IARPA Announces New Research Program The Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity (IARPA), within the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI), announced today a new research program to develop and test novel methods to assist intelligence analysts in anticipating significant societal events. The Open Source Indicators Program (OSI) will focus on events that include […]

A New Datamining Tool: Google Correlate, Introduced Today On Google Labs (Includes Search by Drawing Feature)

From a Google Labs Blog Post: It all started with the flu. In 2008, we found that the activity of certain search terms are good indicators of actual flu activity. Based on this finding, we launched Google Flu Trends to provide timely estimates of flu activity in 28 countries. Since then, we’ve seen a number […]