May 24, 2022

First Meeting of the Open Textbook Network Set to Take Place Next Week

From UMass Amherst: Leaders representing more than 75 colleges and universities across the country will convene on the Twin Cities campus [August 3-5, 2015] to develop strategies for advancing open textbook programs on their campuses. Participants will also gain expertise in helping faculty understand the negative impact high textbook costs can have on students’ academic […]

Browse for CC Licensed Video: Creative Commons on Vimeo Now Available to Unregistered Users

Back in February we posted about a major redesign of the Vimeo site including a search interface allowing users to browse, find, and access Creative Commons licensed video available via Vimeo. Word today that “Creative Commons on Vimeo” is now open to all users. You no longer are required to have a Vimeo account to […]

Let’s CC: An Impressive Search Tool for Creative Commons Licensed Material Releases Open Source Code

Our friend and a frequent infoDOCKET contributor, Matt Weaver has let us know that Creative Commons Korea (CC Korea) has released the source code for their Let’s CC Creative Commons search engine as open source under GPLv3. If you’re not familiar with Let’s CC, it allows users to search/find only CC licensed material. We think […]

The World Bank Announces Open Access Policy, CC Licensing, and Launches Open Knowledge Repository

From The World Bank: [Yesterday,] The World Bank announced that it will implement a new Open Access policy for its research outputs and knowledge products, effective July 1, 2012. The new policy builds on recent efforts to increase access to information at the World Bank and to make its research as widely available as possible. As […]

Video Search: Vimeo Adds Options to Browse and Limit Search Results to Search Creative Commons Licensed Content

From a CC Blog Post by Jane Park: We were thrilled when Vimeo enabled the CC license suite in July of 2010; we are even more thrilled that the Vimeo team has since recognized the community’s needs to easily discover high quality CC-licensed videos. Blake Whitman, Vimeo’s VP of Creative Development, says, “We know the […]

Joi Ito on Creative Commons; Mobile Design Tips; Students as Change Agents; and More in Summer 2011 Issue of JISC Inform

Direct to JISC Inform; Summer 2011 (Issue 31) From the Editorial: In this issue we look at how students are taking an active part in their course design and delivery which in turn is increasing their satisfaction levels. We catch up with Joi Ito about his involvement with Creative Commons and how opening up resources […]

Blog Post: "OCLC, WorldCat Rights and Responsibilities, and Open Data Licensing"

A new guest blog post on the Open Knowledge Foundation Blog by Jim Michalko, VP in charge of the OCLC Research Library Partnership. Michalko Writes: In a recent presentation to OCLC Global Council, OCLC provided some preliminary thoughts on open data licensing of member library catalog data. A number of OCLC members and groups have […]

YouTube Adds Access to a Library of Video Content With Creative Commons (CC-BY) Licensing

A growing collection (about 10,000 videos at the moment) CC licensed video (CC BY to be specific) is now available by accessing the YouTube Video Editor. From the YouTube Blog: You can now access an ever-expanding library of Creative Commons videos to edit and incorporate into your own projects. To find a video, just search […]

"Ann Arbor Library Acquires Lending, Sharing and Copying Rights to Creative Commons Music Catalog"

From a Boing Boing Post by Cory Doctorow: The Ann Arbor, MI library has bought a bulk license to the Magnatune catalog of Creative Commons licensed music; the license fee of $10,000/year goes to Magnatune and the musicians, and gives the library’s patrons the right to listen, download and copy the music. Libraries are one […]