May 19, 2022

Canada: Putting Vancouver’s History Online

From The Globe and Mail: Digitization. Map scanners. Blogging. The open-data hackathon. Geocoding. The advantages of YouTube, Historypin and Flickr, respectively, for displaying historical photos and videos. They are all techniques that Vancouver Archives staff – digital conservator Sue Bigelow, archives manager Heather Gordon, and city archivist Les Mobbs – have been exploring intensively to […]

“The Vancouver Public Library: Thriving in a Digital Age”

From The Globe and Mail: It’s not news that the public library in the 21st century is a very different place from the days when stern librarians and cathedral silence presided over the great treasure house of books that dominated its services until the arrival of digital. Even so, at a time when the Internet […]

After 145 Years, Final Edition Published: “The Canada Year Book is History”, Resource Will Not Continue Online

Just as the U.S. Census ceased publishing the Statistical Abstract of the United States (a similar electronic product, fee-based, is now available from ProQuest), Statistics Canada will no longer publish The Canada Year Book. From The Globe and Mail: After 145 years of documenting the country’s history, the Canada Year Book will no longer be […]

Interview: Ingrid Parent, University Librarian at U. of British Columbia & President of IFLA

A recently published interview with Ingrid Parent that appeared in the University of British Columbia Reports. From the Introduction: Academic libraries worldwide are facing rapid technological change and seismic shifts in how users access information and create knowledge in the digital age. Old models are no longer sustainable. Libraries must re-think the future. [Clip] University […]

Library and Archives Canada Eliminating All Interlibrary Loan Services Very Soon

From the CBC: The elimination of interlibrary loans at Library and Archives Canada has sparked some concern not enough material will be be digitized in time for the change to digital records. [Clip] The move was part of federal cuts detailed in the 2012 budget. Officials also said it keeps the library technologically up to […]

Canada: Head Librarian Leads Digital Revolution at University of Victoria

From The Victoria Times Colonist: [University Librarian Jonathan] Bengtson said there are two primary and enduring purposes of libraries: preservation and access. He said that when materials are digitized, the paper-based originals are kept and preserved, but there are still questions about how to preserve electronic or digitized objects. “That’s a whole issue right now […]

Reference: Health Council of Canada Launches New Health Innovation Portal & Database

From a News Release: The Health Innovation Portal is a website that houses innovative health care practices, policies, programs and services from across Canada. The portal includes a searchable database of innovative practices, an overview and explanation of the Health Council’s Innovative Practices Evaluation Framework, information for identifying and sharing health innovations and information on […]

Winnipeg: Library Redevelopment Strategy Targets Eight Libraries For Replacement

Update: Local libraries slated for amalgamation (via Winnipeg Free Press) From the City of Winnipeg: The City of Winnipeg Public Service is recommending that eight Winnipeg Public Library facilities be replaced beginning in 2013, with seven new facilities. The recommendation was made under the Library Facility Redevelopment Strategy report released today. Library facilities that the […]

History: Library and Archives Canada Releases Digitized Newsreel Content

From LAC: Library and Archives Canada (LAC) is pleased to announce the release of a heritage film on its YouTube channel. The silent film The Tide of Immigration is part of our heritage and the Canadian National Pictorial Series. The film is a compilation of various newsreels, produced from 1919 to 1921, depicting the lives […]

Canadian Library Association Posts Update About Upcoming Cuts at Library and Archives Canada

Posted Today on the CLA Web Site: As part of CLA’s ongoing discussions with senior management at Library and Archives Canada, today CLA has received an update on LAC’s plans for implementing the cuts announced in the 2012 federal budget. LAC is working on options for its ILL/Document Delivery service, with location searching no longer […]