March 20, 2018

Google to Begin Charging High Volume Users of Google Maps API

From Programmable Web: “Google Maps Usage Fees: How Many Developers Will Have to Pay?” This post discusses an announcement that some high volume users of the Google Maps API will begin to have to pay for access after certain quotas are reached. It’s likely that most users (including individual libraries) that use the Google Maps […]

"Startup Subtext Wants to Make e-books More Social"

UPDATE: Subtext Introductory Video By Chris Meadows, TeleRead: So, naturally, the biggest thing e-books need right now is something to make them more social. Because despite engaging in a solitary, immersive activity, e-book readers secretly just want to have conversations with everyone about what they’re reading. At least, that’s what the people behind Subtext seem […]

New E-Mail Tool: "MUSE to sift the emails of yesteryear"

From New Scientist: The shift from paper to email has made such happy recollection more difficult. Now Sudheendra Hangaland colleagues at Stanford University in California want to fix that with a software tool called Memories Using Email (MUSE), which lets you dig through your email archive and reminisce on your digital past. MUSE is available […]

Mobile: Better Business Bureau BBB iPhone App Now Available

From the BBB: Last year, consumers turned to the Better Business Bureau 87 million times to help them find trustworthy businesses and charities. Now they can have that information in the palm of their hand with the release of the official BBB Search app, a convenient, mobile BBB solution available for the iPhone, iPad and […]

New: "A Complete Guide to Apple’s iOS 5 with iCloud, an OS 14 Years in the Making"

Since iOS 5 is now live, here’s a very useful guide (loaded with screen caps) from The Next Web that provides a look at its MANY new features. The guide provides a look at: Notifications Game Center and iCloud Gaming Twitter Integration iCloud | Siri, Dictation & Wireless iTunes Syncing iMessage Camera and Photos Settings […]

Coming Spring '12: "Bird Song App Identifies Feathered Friends by Tweets" (Shazam for Birds)

UPDATE: Make sure to check the two “See Also” links below for two identification apps using visual recognition technology. From the University of Wisconsin News Service: (via Princeton University Press Blog) Squinting into wind-blown trees and bushes is for the birds, especially if it’s the birds you’re looking for. “You have to listen. There’s no […]

AIRNow: A New Real-Time Air Quality App From the EPA (iOS Only)

From the iTunes App Store: The AIRNow iPhone application will provide an increasingly mobile public with real-time air quality information that people can use to protect their health when planning their daily activities The app will allow users to get location-specific reports on current air quality and air quality forecasts for both ozone and fine […]

Just In: "Introducing Facebook for iPad"

Highlights From a Facebook Blog Post by Leon Dubinsky: A hands-on Facebook Use your fingertips to scroll through your News Feed. Give the screen a swipe to page through albums. Pinch a picture to zoom in. Whatever you’re up to, using Facebook on your iPad just feels fun. Bigger, better photos Photos really shine on […]

Scholarly Publishing: Mobile: Royal Society of Chemistry Launches Mobile App

Available for iOS today. Android app coming in early 2012. From the RSC Web Site: The Royal Society of Chemistry has launched a free mobile app that is now available on iTunes. RSC Mobile provides readers with access to search RSC journal content from the RSC Publishing Platform. Users at any institution or organisation that […]

Magazine Launches Continue to Outpace Closures in the First Nine Months of 2011: MediaFinder Reports that 200 Magazines Launch and 128 Magazines Fold

From a MediaFinder Announcement: In the first nine months of 2011, 200 magazines launched, up from the 176 launched during the same period of 2010, according to, the largest online database of U.S. and Canadian publications. During the same period, 128 folded, up only slightly from the 127 that folded in 2010. The top […]