January 22, 2022

Developers: U.S Census Plans to Release API Next Month, New Mobile Apps Also Coming Soon

UPDATE (June 7, 2012): Census Formally Releases Data API (via TechPresident) Direct to info at Census.gov/developers From Government Technology: The Census Bureau plans to launch an application programming interface in the next month that will stream its data straight to developers, Stephen Buckner, director of the bureau’s Center for New Media and Promotion, said Monday. […]

National Library of Australia’s Trove Database Releases API

One of the most impressive resources out there is Trove from the National Library of Australia. Trove allows users to search multiple online databases simultaneously and easily. Plus, its design, technology, and marketing are several more reason enough to stop by when you can. They Trove team seems to always be adding new features or […]

HarperCollins Debuts OpenBook API Beta

via a Programmable Web Post by Curtis Chen: The developer site is still a bit raw, with some broken links and less-than-polished documentation, but the data available is quite comprehensive. The OpenBook API offers not only information on HarperCollins authors and books in US and international markets, but also author tour information. Want to know […]

Six New Web Services Available Through the OCLC WorldShare Platform

From the OCLC Developer Network: You’ve probably heard about the OCLC WorldShare Platform, officially launched in December—the framework, architecture and infrastructure that Karen described in previous posts. Now I am pleased to say, there are SIX (6) new Web services available through the Platform for you to experiment and innovate with, in this new environment. […]

Google to Begin Charging High Volume Users of Google Maps API

From Programmable Web: “Google Maps Usage Fees: How Many Developers Will Have to Pay?” This post discusses an announcement that some high volume users of the Google Maps API will begin to have to pay for access after certain quotas are reached. It’s likely that most users (including individual libraries) that use the Google Maps […]

UK: National Archives Releases Public Application Programming (API) Interface For 11m Records

From Computer Weekly The National Archives [UK] has made details of 11m records available through an application interface it published today as part of an ongoing programme to get more official records online. The API allows anyone to search for and retrieve the metadata that describes records in the archive in XML format. The data […]

Government Information: GPO Releases API For FederalRegister.gov (Formal Announcement)

From The Hill: The offices announced on Wednesday the addition of an Application Programming Interface for FederalRegister.gov, which enables information technology developers to create new applications with information published on the site. “The API is an open data tool packaged in a light-weight, Web-friendly data transfer format that requires only a Web browser or client […]

Government Data: U.S. Department of Labor Releases APIs and SDKs For Online and Mobile Tools and Apps

If you’re not a developer, here’s some news that might be of interest to them. Perhaps it’s time to for developers and non-developers to brainstorm new ways to use Dept. of Labor data. The team at the wonderful ProgrammableWeb.com, home to a massive directory of API’s and mashups pointed out that the U.S. Department of […]