May 27, 2018

Just Announced: "University of Oxford, OCLC Research to Study Digital 'Residents' and 'Visitors' in the Transition Between High School and University"

From OCLC Abstracts: Titled “Visitors and Residents: What Motivates Engagement with the Digital Information Environment?” the pilot phase of this JISC-funded, collaborative international project began in January and will continue through the middle of 2011. Project directors are Mr. David White, Co-Manager (Development), Technology-Assisted Lifelong Learning (TALL), part of the University of Oxford, and Dr. […]

Microsoft Academic Search (Beta) Appears Ready to Expand Database Coverage

Look out Google Scholar. Get ready for the academic/scholarly search war to begin very very soon. We think many info industry database providers will also have an interest in a new service from Microsoft. Here’s why. Since October 2009 we’ve been covering, speaking about and paying very close attention to Microsoft Academic Search. The product […]

Is Google Stuck in 'Perpetual Beta'?

Is Google Stuck in ‘Perpetual Beta’? Last month, Motorola’s Xoom tablet launched on the Verizon Wireless network. Soon after, complaints began to surface that the tablet’s operating system — designed by Google — was prone to crashes when running third party applications. Experts say that while Google’s typical strategy of launching new products and then […]

OCLC Concludes Twitter/#Ask4Stuff Search Experiment Saying It Was "Interesting But Not Sticky Enough"

On the OCLC Digital Cooperative Blog Mike Teets writes that the OCLC Innovation Lab experiment that began in June, 2010 allowing users to search WorldCat directly from Twitter has ended. Users created their query and also included the #Ask4Stuff hashtag in their tweet. #Ask4Stuff will no longer be available beginning tomorrow (April 1, 2010). From […]

Just in time for Opening Day…

…the SLA Baseball Caucus announces its new website! Motto? “Hitting it out of the park for our members since 1993.”

You Can Now Genetate QR Codes Using Wolfram|Alpha

          Wolfram|Alpha has made the announcement earlier today they’ve added a QR code generator to their database service. Yet another service that makes W|A a resource that should always be considered to provide answers (not links) to a variety of questions and other info needs. Each code can have up to  […]

New Study Of iPad Users Identifies Obstacles For The Daily

New Study Of iPad Users Identifies Obstacles For The Daily (PDF) To attract a large number of users and generate substantial subscription revenue, The Daily—the news-based application released by News Corporation in February exclusively for Apple’s iPad™ platform—will need to overcome a few obstacles with iPad owners who consume news online. These obstacles include the […]

A New York Times Editorial: "Google's Book Deal"

From the Editorial: Altogether, Judge Chin argued that the agreement would grant Google a virtual legal monopoly over the online book search. That is too high a price to pay. Google’s loss means that, for now, its search results will show only snippets of text from books that are under copyright but out of print. […]

New From Statistics Canada: Canada at a Glance 2011

From the Canada at a Glance Web Site: Canada at a Glance presents current Canadian demographic, education, health and aging, justice, housing, income, labour market, household, economic, travel, financial, agricultural, international trade and environmental statistics. Updated yearly, this booklet is a very useful reference for those who want quick access to current Canadian statistics and […]

Houston: "Elegy for Librarians: After All the Budget Cutting's Done, Who'll Be Around to Help Us Ask the Sharper Questions?"

The Houston Chronicle’s Editorial Board deserves recognition for this editorial from just about every info pro organization. Read it and make sure to save or bookmark to reread on “rainy days.” From an Editorial in the Houston Chronicle: If librarians seem distracted these days, you can’t blame them. They’re worried that they’ll lose jobs. As […]