May 29, 2022

New Research Article: “Content Volatility of Scientific Topics in Wikipedia: A Cautionary Tale”

Published yesterday on PLOS One. Title Content Volatility of Scientific Topics in Wikipedia: A Cautionary Tale Authors Adam M. Wilson University at Buffalo Gene E. Likens University of Connecticut Source PLOS One Published: August 14, 2015 10.1371/journal.pone.0134454 Abstract Wikipedia has quickly become one of the most frequently accessed encyclopedic references, despite the ease with which […]

Audio: Wikimedia’s Executive Director, Sue Gardner, Speaks at New Librarians Event in Australia

Sue Gardner, Executive Director of the Wikimedia Foundation (the organization that “powers” Wikipedia) was interviewed last week at ALIA’s 6th New Librarians Symposium in Brisbane, Australia. Richard Fidler from the Australian Broadcasting Corporation conducted the interview. An audio podcast of the conversation is now available online. Stream online or download (mp3).

New Working Paper: “Wikipedia Perpetuates Political Bias”

Title Collective Intelligence and Neutral Point of View: The Case of Wikipedia Authors Shane Greenstein Northwestern U. Feng Zhu USC Source National Bureau of Economic Research Abstract We examine whether collective intelligence helps achieve a neutral point of view using data from a decade of Wikipedia’s articles on US politics. Our null hypothesis builds on […]

“Wiki-History Shows the Chronology and Conversation Around Wikipedia Edits”

From The Verge: Wikipedia lives and dies by its edits, and the process of adding information to the site is not without controversy. With debates flaring up around most pages dedicated to contentious subject matter, the edit history of the page itself can be a valuable source for points of view that don’t make it […]

Findings From New Wikipedia Editors Survey: Nine Out of Ten Wikipedians Continue to Be Men

From a Wikimedia Post: The gender distribution of Wikipedia editors hasn’t changed since the last survey [April 2011]. Among those surveyed, 90 percent self-identified as males, 9 percent as females and 1 percent as transsexual or transgender. That being said, there was a greater amount of female editors among those respondents who had joined more […]

South Carolina: “Wikipedia Research Taints Some 2010 Guilty Verdicts”

From The State (via The Item) The U.S. 4th Circuit Court of Appeals has overturned six guilty verdicts in a 2010 high-profile cockfighting trial because of a rogue juror’s use of the Internet during supposedly sealed-off jury deliberations. That juror, known only as Juror 177, then shared with some fellow members what he had learned […]

New Survey Finds Majority of Wikipedia Entries Contain Factual Errors About Companies

From the Public Relations Society of America Announcement: Sixty percent of Wikipedia articles about companies contain factual errors, according to research published today in the Public Relations Society of America’s (PRSA) scholarly publication, Public Relations Journal. Findings from the research will help establish a baseline of understanding for how public relations professionals work with Wikipedia […]

Wikipedia’s Official Mobile Apps Say So Long to Google Maps

By Charles Cooper: First it was Foursquare. And then Apple. Now, it’s Wikipedia’s turn to switch from Google Maps to OpenStreetMap. Wikipedia’s decision, announced in a blog post, is likely to raise more questions about the company’s decision to charge so-called high-volume users of its Maps APIs, which formerly were free. In March, Google started […]

New Article: "The Influence of Free Encyclopedias on Science"

Title The influence of free encyclopedias on science Author Sarah Huggett Source Research Trends* From the Article Since its launch in 2001 Wikipedia has seen incredible growth worldwide, counting more than 21 million articles published in around 280 languages (including nearly 4 million articles in English) in 2012 (1). Wikipedia has grown in size (number […]

Asking Complex Questions: "New Search Tool to Unlock Wikipedia"

A new plug-in for use with Wikipedia data named “Swipe” will be demonstrated at the WWW conference next month. Until then, here’s some reading and viewing material about the technology. You have to wonder if Wolfram|Alpha is working on something similar utilizing their database? From New Scientist: Called Swipe – loosely short for “searching Wikipedia […]