May 26, 2022

Art: Walters Museum Uploads 19,000 Photos to Wikimedia Commons

From the Wikimedia Blog Post: The Walters Art Museum in Baltimore, Maryland, has donated more than 19,000 freely-licensed images of artworks to Wikimedia Commons. The Walters’ collection includes ancient art, medieval art and manuscripts, decorative objects, Asian art and Old Master and 19th-century paintings. The images and their associated information will join our collection of […]

Milestones: Wikipedia Turns 11 Today

From the Wikimedia Foundation Blog: Last year was a big one for Wikipedia, rounding out an incredible decade of growth and impact around the world. Over 450 parties took place across virtually every continent, and the world had an amazing storyto tell. Just a year later and we’ve already seen more milestones achieved and records […]

Wikmedia Foundation Hires DC Lobbying Firm

The news that Dow Lohnes Government Strategies has been hired by the Wikimedia Foundation was reported by Politico this afternoon after the registration filing was released. You can view the full text here (via Sunlight Foundation) They lobbying is for legislation related to online intellectual property infringement, including H.R. 3261 [SOPA], S. 968 [Protect IP Act], […]

Cool and Online! Smithsonian/Archives of American Art Donates 285 WPA-Era Photographs to Wikimedia Commons

From Wikipedia, the most widely used encyclopedia on the world, consistently ranks among the web’s top sites and garners instant recognition among nearly all internet users. A related project—Wikimedia Commons, a source of free-use, public domain photos, video and other multimedia available to anyone—is less widely known, but essential for supplying multimedia content for […]

What I Learned (and Did Not Learn) From Wikipedia the Other Day

By Gary Price C0-Founder, Co-Editor Here’s a story, an real life example, about Wikipedia that came about during at dinner the other night. Yes, it’s one example from one article but I think if nothing else it’s a useful example. If I said that this experience was going to stop me  from ever using Wikipedia […]

The Wikimedia 2011-12 Annual Plan Released; Organization Says Declining Participation of Editors "Must Be Reversed"

From an Annual Plan Summary: The Annual Plan provides an overview of the Foundation’s main work through the fiscal year (July 1 through June 30), most importantly highlighting our efforts on diversifying and expanding the Wikimedia project editor/contributor community, growing our presence in India and Brazil, increasing our reach via mobile devices, and ensuring our […]

Money For Wikimedia: "The Alfred P. Sloan Foundation Renews $3 Million Commitment to Wikimedia"

From the Wikimedia Web Site: The Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, a philanthropic grantmaking institution that supports science, technology and economic institutions, announced today that it will award a grant of $3 million (USD) to the Wikimedia Foundation, the non-profit that operates Wikipedia. This is the second grant of this amount awarded to the Wikimedia Foundation […]

Now Available: Results From 2011 Wikipedia Editor Survey

From the Wikimedia Blog: In April 2011, the Wikimedia Foundation conducted a survey of our editors around the globe.  The survey was available in 22 languages (thanks to the work of volunteer translators) and was completed by over 5,000 editors.  The aim of the survey was to better understand who the editors are?  What motivates […]

Interview: "Wikipedia's Jimmy Wales takes wiki work seriously"

From a USA Today Interview by Jefferson Graham: Wikipedia, which turned 10 this year, is almost a household name. Now Wales is trumpeting sister site Wikia, which he set up for fans of TV shows, movies and video games to wax poetically about their favorites, without the restrictions of the by-the-facts neutral encyclopedia. “It’s where […]

Wikimedia Launches a Community and Global Blog

Two new blogs from Wikimedia Foundation are now live: the Community blog and the Global blog. As the Wikimedia Foundation grows, so does our need to communicate with the rest of the community. Our blogs are a major communication channel to share news and accomplishments of our staff and volunteers. [Clip] Recently, we’ve started to […]