January 23, 2022

New Report, Statistics: “Mapping the Digital Divide” (U.S.)

The report (embedded below), Mapping the Digital Divide, was released by the White House Council of Economic Advisers on Wednesday, July 15, 2015. Later that day President Obama announced the launch of the Launch of ConnectHome Initiative. Mapping the Digital Divide See Also: Digital Divide: “Obama Program to Connect Public Housing Residents to Web” See […]

"Obama Wants Better Digital Archive of Federal Records" + Full Text of Presidential Memorandum

From the Washington Post: President Obama on Monday ordered agencies to make wider use of digital-based record-keeping systems in what aides promise will be the most significant change to government archiving since Harry S. Truman’s presidency. “The current federal records management system is based on an outdated approach involving paper and filing cabinets,” Obama said […]

EPIC: WhiteHouse.gov Modifies Privacy Policy; Now Tracking Users For Up to Two Years

From an EPIC  (Electronic Privacy Information Center) Blog Post: The White House modified its privacy policy for WhiteHouse.gov on June 3, 2011. The new policy is more than twice as long as the old policy. The new policy states the White House web site now uses persistent Google Analytics cookies that track users for up […]

Archivist of U.S. Talks to Congress About "Recipe for Lost Docs" & Preserving Social Media From White House Staff

UPDATE 2: Video of Hearing (Runs About 90 Minutes) (via YouTube) UPDATE: Prepared Testimony By Mr. Ferriero and Brook Colangelo From Tech Insider: A current law that gives federal agencies 30 years to turn over all the records that must be permanently retained by the National Archives is a recipe for lost documents and a […]