January 24, 2022

"Thirteen More Publishers Will Participate in UPCC eBook Collections on Project MUSE"; To Date 64 Presses Contracted

From a Project Muse/UPCC Announcement: Project MUSE is excited to announce that 13 more distinguished scholarly publishers have signed contracts to participate in the UPCC eBook Collections, coming to the MUSE platform on January 1, 2012. To date, a total of 64 university and scholarly presses have contracted to include their ebooks in the MUSE/UPCC […]

Update: Project Muse Reports 51 Publishers Have Signed Contracts to be Part Of University Press Content Consortium

Project Muse announced earlier today that 6 more publishers have signed contracts to be part of the UPCC (University Press Content Consortium) set to launch on July 1, 2011. As of today, 51 publishers have formally signed contracts. Among the new publishers joining the initiative are Pennsylvania State University Press, Georgetown University Press, Northwestern University […]