January 18, 2022

Video: The New European Library Goes Live

Here’s a new 2:30 introductory video released today by The European Library.

The Europeana Newspapers Project Website Goes Live

The project was first announced in February. via LIBER: The newest LIBER’s project’s website has been launched in co-operation with the Berlin State Library, the Europeana Newspapers project leader. The Europeana Newspapers project aims at the aggregation and refinement of newspapers for The European Library and Europeana. Direct to the New Web Site See Also: Europe: More Than 10 Million […]

Serial Solutions Will Make Europeana and European Library Material Discoveable via Summon Discovery Service

From the Serial Solutions Web Site: In cooperation with the Conference of European National Librarians (CENL), the Summon Web-scale Discovery service from Serials Solutions will make the vast collections of The European Library and Europeana discoverable in the Summon unified index. Summon users will be able to search across hundreds of millions of records from […]

Digital Heritage: European Library Uses First Data from ENUMERATE

via the Europeana Web: The European Library is pleased to announce that we were able to use the first set of data made available by the ENUMERATE project (www.enumerate.eu). The data provided by ENUMERATE helped The European Library identify digitised collections across Europe which will be essential for the newly-developed content strategy. This effort clearly […]

New Online: Usability Testing Report of the The European Library Website Alpha Version (March 2012)

From The Report’s Executive Summary (via Europeana Web Site) In order to measure the quality of the new European Library portal, The European Library office conducted a series of usability tests in January and February 2012 on the alpha version of the website. Twenty volunteers — about 30% — from our partner network conducted the […]

Europe: More Than 10 Million Digitized Newspaper Pages Coming to Europeana

From LIBER: A group of 17 European partner institutions have joined forces in the “European Newspapers” project and will, over the next 3 years, provide more than 10 million newspaper pages to the EUROPEANA service. The European Newspapers project (funded under EC’s CIP 2007 – 2013) aims at the aggregation and refinement of newspapers for The […]

New Video: European Library Handbook (Workflow Between European Library and Europeana)

Direct to Video Slideshow (via YouTube) The European Library is the library domain aggregator for Europeana and, in this role, supports data providers from the library domain across Europe. The Europeana Library gathers bibliographic records and metadata to digital objects: this video features the workflow between libraries, The European Library and Europeana. The video runs […]