January 24, 2022

New LA Public Library Program Turns ‘Story Time’ Into Hands-on ‘Coder Time’

From KPCC/Southern California Public Radio: “Historically we’re the place that offers opportunities,” said children’s librarian Joanna Fabicon, who started the project. “I named it coder time because I would love coding to be as ubiquitous in libraries as story time.” Libraries – the lands of hushed voices and dusty stacks – are transforming into computer […]

New Hampshire: Kilton Library’s Tor Relay is Back Online

The decision to reactivate the Tor Relay after it was taken offline (it’s now back online) came Tuesday night after a library board meeting and vote by library trustees in Lebanon, New Hampshire. The relay was taken offline after a letter from the Dept. of Homeland Security was sent to state authorities. The Kilton Library […]

OCLC and Seven Libraries Launching Linked Data Pilot Program

From OCLC: OCLC is working with seven leading libraries in a pilot program designed to learn more about how linked data will influence library workflows in the future. The Person Entity Lookup pilot will help library professionals reduce redundant data by linking related sets of person identifiers and authorities. Pilot participants will be able to […]

Linked Data: Zepheira Announces First Four Participating Libraries in New “Experimenter” Program

From Zepheira: Following the success of its Early Adopter program with 12 participating public libraries in the US and Canada, Zepheira is pleased to announce the first four participants in its Experimenter Program. This program builds awareness of the power of Linked Data through education and training, provides an assessment of the institution’s MARC data, […]

Report: “First Library to Support Anonymous Internet Browsing Effort Stops After DHS Email”

UPDATE:The Library Freedom Project (LFP) has posted a petition to support “Tor and Intellectual Freedom in Libraries.” You can learn more and sign (if desired) here. Here’s the petition’s text: We condemn the scare tactics of the DHS and local police, and pledge our full support to Kilton Library to help them keep their Tor […]

Bernard A. Barton Jr. Named New Chief Information Officer at Library of Congress

Here’s the full text of LC’s announcement including a brief bio of the new CIO. At the bottom of this post we’ve included updates about recent info tech access issues at LC. Librarian of Congress James H. Billington today announced the appointment of Bernard A. Barton Jr. as chief information officer of the Library of […]

Texas: Harris County Public Library Launches iKnow Digital Access Library Card

From the Houston Chronicle: With the iKnow digital library card, residents will essentially have an on-demand library on their electronic device. The program, which started Sept. 1, already had more than 300 people enroll in the service, including about 10 children. While it doesn’t offer all of the amenities of a full-service library card (digital […]

ALA Releases “Library Privacy Guidelines for E-book Lending and Digital Content Vendors”

From the American Library Association: On June 29, 2015, the American Library Association’s Intellectual Freedom Committee approved a new document, “Library Privacy Guidelines for E-book Lending and Digital Content Vendors.”  The document, which outlines best practices for vendors to follow to protect the privacy of library users,  is intended to encourage vendors and libraries to […]

ProQuest Ebook Central Enters Beta, University Libraries in Five Countries Testing New Service, Features

From Today’s PQ Announcement: ProQuest Ebook Central integrates key elements from both ebrary and EBL – Ebook Library, along with all-new functionality, eliminating the complexities surrounding ebooks and delivering a superior experience for end-users and librarians. [Clip] Beta users include libraries at Oxford University, University of Michigan, Fordham Law Library and University of Wollongong. The beta release also includes […]

Schools, Libraries Will Receive Full Request of $3.9B in E-Rate Funding

From FedScoop: Schools and libraries across the country will be getting the full amount they requested to upgrade their telecommunications and wireless services from the Federal Communications Commission, which capped the funding this year at $3.9 billion. In total, the districts requested $3.92 billion [including $1.6 billion for internal Wi-Fi networks] — just over the […]