May 28, 2022

Nice! Searchable Legislative Data for All 50 States, DC, and Puerto Rico Now Available From Sunlight Foundation’s Open States Project

From the Sunlight Foundation Blog: Open States is the only comprehensive database [it’s also free to access and use] of activities from all state capitols that makes it easy to find your state lawmaker, review their votes, search for legislation, track bills and much more. If you’re curious about a particular piece of legislation, Open […]

A New Online Tool From Sunlight Foundation Allows Users to Track Federal Regulation Comments

Yet another useful research tool from the wondeful and important Sunlight Foundation. Like all of Sunlight’s online research resources, their latest release is also free to access and use. From Sunlight’s Announcement The Sunlight Foundation launches a new influence-tracking website today that uncovers trends in the federal rulemaking process. Docket Wrench is a searchable database […]

Call on Congress: A New/Free Telephone Service to Access Info About the U.S. Congress

Yet another impressive, important, and useful service from the Sunlight Foundation! Kudos! The Sunlight Foundation created Call on Congress to help bridge the “digital divide” by giving anyone with a phone line a free and meaningful way to understand their government and hold elected officials accountable. The Call on Congress web page mentions that the […]

Scout: A New Alerting Tool (Beta) for Fed/State Government Info From Sunlight Labs

New from Sunlight Labs. By the time you read this we will probably already have a few Scout alerts up and running. More later. This resource sounds 100% promising and if Sunlight Labs other resources are any indication, it’s going to be awesome. Btw, Scout is free to access and use. From a Sunlight Labs […]

What are They Saying in Congress? "Announcing the Return of 'Capitol Words'" (Data Analysis Tool)

From the Sunlight Foundation: More than three years ago, we launched a website called Capitol Words that gave an at-a-glance view of what word was most popular in Congress. Today, the Sunlight Foundation is unveiling the completely revamped and rewritten Capitol Words. To folks who never had a chance to play with our previous version, […]

"New Gmail Plug-In Tracks Cash, Political Leanings Of Your Friends And Spammers"

From Fast Company: At the Personal Democracy Forum conference in New York City yesterday, the Sunlight Foundation, a D.C. nonprofit fighting for government transparency, unveiled a new Gmail plug-in they call Inbox Influence. The nifty little program scans public records to show you the political contributions made or received by the people and organizations who […]

New Report: "Best Practice Principles for Opening Up Government Information"

Title: “Best Practice Principles for Opening Up Government Information (7 Pages; PDF) Source: Minnesota Historical Society (w/support from National Digital Information Infrastructure and Preservation Program) This paper describes the issues many government agencies are facing as they attempt to become more transparent and accountable. It expands on a list of principles produced by open government […]