January 18, 2022

Spain: Legal Deposit of Online Content Gets Go Ahead

Here’s an edited version of an announcement about the just approved introduction of legal deposit of online materials from a National Library of Spain (BNE) announcement translated using Google Translate. The original version of the announcement (in Spanish) is available here. In the new technological environment, marked mainly by the preeminence [of the] Internet as […]

Anti-Internet Piracy Law Adopted by Spanish Government

From the BBC: The Spanish government has approved tough new legislation which could see websites deemed to be trading in pirated material blocked within ten days. The legislation creates a government body with powers to force internet service providers to block sites. [Clip] The intellectual property commission will decide whether it wants to take action […]

Social Media: Spain: Journalists Prefer Twitter, According To New Study

From a Research Summary from the  Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (UC3M – Carlos III University of Madrid): The study, titled “Join the Conversation: how Spanish journalists are using Twitter” was carried out by professors from the LABPART group (The Medium is the Lab), a permanent communication and social media laboratory at UC3M set up […]