May 28, 2022

LinkedIn Is Acquiring SlideShare for $119 Million in Cash and Stock

One very popular service acquires another very popular resource and service. Here’s the official announcement and a blog post. SlideShare is also enabling the sharing of presentations across the Web; nearly 7.4 million presentations hosted by SlideShare are embedded across more than 1.4 million unique domains. This acquisition means good things to professionals everywhere. Presentations […]

New Ways to Share and Access Slideshare Presentations on LinkedIn

The SlideShare Blog has details (and screenshots). Three new ways to integrate SlideShare presentations on LinkedIn: 1. New LinkedIn “Share” Button Next to Each Presentation Page 2. SlideShare Presentations “That are Actively Shared” Can Now Be Included on Your LinkedIn Today Page Here’s an example. 3. Direct Integration of the Slideshare Presentations in Your LinkedIn […]