May 18, 2022

Full Text of the British Library's Digitization Contract With Google + Links to Other Google Digi Agreements

Via Dr. David Weinberger’s Joho the Blog: Thanks to the persistence of Javier Ruiz of the British Open Rights Group, you can now read [pdf] the contract between the British Library and Google Books. Google has shrouded its book digitization contracts in non-disclosures wrapped in lead sheathing that is then buried in collapsed portions of […]

Video: Brewster Kahle Gives a Tour of the Book Scanning Area at the Internet Archive

David Weinberger the co-director of the Harvard Library and Innovation Lab, is sharing some more interesting and informative video with all of us. This time, we see and hear from Brewster Kahle, the founder and person in charge at the Internet Archive, provides a nine minute tour of the book scanning area at IA HQ […]