May 19, 2022

New Interactive Database: Silicon Valley’s Highest-Paid CEOs for 2015

Released today by the Area News Group. Top salaries by Silicon Valley CEO’s in 2014. Search using company name and gender. Data fields (Sortable) include: Rank Name Company Salary Stock Awards Total Pay Change Direct to Silicon Valley’s Highest-Paid CEOs for 2015 Background Article: “What the Boss Makes: GoPro CEO Nick Woodman is Silicon […]

A Brief Look at Librarian Salaries in U.S. and Colorado Public Libraries

From the Library Research Service (Colorado): Comparisons between the 2010 ALA-APA Annual Salary Survey and the 2010 Public Library Annual Report (PLAR) compiled by the Library Research Service show that across professional library positions in Colorado, salaries are pretty evenly matched with national averages, with the exception of library directors. Within Colorado and nationally, library […]

New Interactive Web App from Chicago Tribune: Chicago Aldermanic Salaries, 2008-2012

A new web app from the Chicago Tribune. Direct to App Search by Keyword Sortable Data Fields Name 2008 Salary 2009 Salary 2010 Salary 2011 Salary 2012 Salary 2009 Unpaid Days 2010 Unpaid Days 2011 Unpaid Days Direct to App See Also: Other Chicago Tribune Apps See Also: Background Articles from Chicago Tribune and The […]

Librarian Salaries: Association of Research Libraries Publishes 2010-2011 Salary Survey

From an ARL News Release: The Association of Research Libraries (ARL) has published the ARL Annual Salary Survey 2010–2011, which analyzes salary data for all professional staff working in 125 ARL member libraries during 2010–2011. Data are reported for 10,037 professional staff in the 115 university ARL libraries and for 3,709 professional staff in the […]

Reference: USA Today Releases College Football Coaches Salary Database

Direct to Database: USA TODAY College Football Coach salary database, 2006-2011 Search or Browse/Sort by: Schools or Head Coaches Name Conference School Pay Other Pay Total Pay Maximum Bonus Click the Plus Sign (+) Next to School Name or Coaches Name for Additional Info and Salary Graph

New: State of Hawaii Salaries Database

New searchable database from Honolulu Civil Beat with salary info (2011 and 2012 fiscal years) for 14,183 State of Hawaii employee. The database interface is embedded in an excellent article about the data and how it was gathered. We also learn: The document covers all state departments except the Hawaii Department of Education, University of Hawaii, […]

Reference: Lists & Rankings: The World's Highest-Paid Authors

2011 List from Forbes. Background Article List (Presented as a Photo Gallery) Top 5 from a List of 13 1. James Patterson, $84 Million. 2. Danielle Steel, $35 million 3. Stephen King, $28 million 4. Janet Evanovich, $22 million 5. Stephenie Meyer, $21 million