May 28, 2022

"Follow Any Google+ Account Using RSS"

From The Next Web: While Google is yet to provide an official API for Google+, enterprising developers have taken matters into their own hands with everything from a statistics service to a media player plugin already available for the nascent social project. Now comes an unofficial solution for something a lot of users have been hoping would […]

Twitter RSS Feeds Still Available! "How RSS Flows Through Twitter and Vice Versa"

It’s likely that you might have read that Twitter is no longer supporting RSS. That piece of info is inaccurate. Although direct links on a Twitter timeline page and autodetection no longer available it is still 100% possible (and easy) to access Twitter content in your RSS aggregator or wherever or however you access RSS. […]

Education Research: Create Customized RSS Feeds With ERIC Database

From a New Post on the ERIC Web Site: Would you like to receive the latest material on an education topic of your choice? You can build on any search you create in ERIC by setting up a customized RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feed. The symbol lets you know that you can click on your […]

Education: ERIC Web Site Offers Three New RSS Feeds

From the ERIC Web Site: ERIC has added three new feeds to enable ERIC users to keep up to date with content in the following areas: Parent Involvement and Elementary/Secondary Education Rural Special Education School-Based Budgeting The new feeds reflect high-interest education topics and ERIC user needs as expressed through search activity on the site. […]