May 25, 2022

Research Tools: National Conference Of State Legislatures (NCSL) Launches Maternal And Child Health Database

From the NCSL: It is not often that the world of literature and state legislative policy tracking cross over, but this is one of those times. NCSL’s new Maternal and Child Health Database tracks enacted state policies that support mothers and pregnant women as they navigate their pregnancies and support the physical and emotional health of infants […]

Reference: SIPRI’s Arms Trade Treaty Database Now Covers East Asia and South East Asia

From SIPRI (Stockholm International Peace Research Institute) SIPRI is pleased to announce that it has expanded and improved its online database for Mapping Arms Trade Treaty (ATT)-Relevant Cooperation and Assistance Activities to include East Asia and South East Asia. The database now contains information on over 440 cooperation and assistance activities aimed at building capacity in areas […]

Reference: Home Health Agency Ratings Get Medicare’s Star Treatment

From Kaiser Health News: The federal government released on Thursday a new five-star rating system for home health agencies, hoping to bring clarity to a fast-growing but fragmented corner of the medical industry where it’s often difficult to distinguish good from bad. Medicare applied the new quality measure to more than 9,000 agencies based on […]

Twitter User? New Guide Offers Excellent Advice About Making Twitter Accounts as Secure as Possible

We love pointing to the work of Martin Brinkmann on infoDOCKET. His reference guides are always succinct, easy for all to understand, and loaded with tons of useful tips, tools, and suggestions. Today, Brinkmann has posted, “The Ultimate Guide to Securing Your Twitter Account” on his gHacks blog. It goes without saying that helping others […]

Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary Updated With More Than 150 New Words

From Tweet and social media join other technology-related terms including crowdsourcing (the practice of obtaining information from a large group of people who contribute online) and m-commerce (“a business transaction conducted using a mobile electronic device”). Pop culture brings us bromance (“a close nonsexual friendship between men”) and cougar (“a middle-aged woman seeking a […]

Reference: Lists & Rankings: Global Powers of Retailing 2011 (Top 250 Global Retailers)

Direct to 2011 Report (36 Pages; PDF) Global Powers of Retailing, from Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited (DTTL), in conjunction with STORES Media, identifies the 250 largest retailers around the world for the past fiscal year. But the report is much more than a list – it also examines trends for retailers to consider as they […]

New Reference Resource: Tiger Woods Life/Career Timeline From the AP

Key events in Tiger’s life and career are presented on this new interactive timeline (with photos) from the Associated Press. Direct to: “Tiger Woods: Looking to Earn Back His Stripes”