May 24, 2022

Very Sad News: Ray Bradbury Has Passed Away + Collection of Interviews with the Legendary Author

The legendary author was 91 years old. Coverage Sci-fi legend Ray Bradbury dead (via CNN) Daughter says author Ray Bradbury has died in California (via AP) Ray Bradbury, Science-Fiction Writer and Library Fan, Dies at 91 (via Library Journal) Remembering Ray Bradbury 1963 Video Documentary About Ray Bradbury (via Internet Archive) Ray Bradbury: Story of […]

First eBook Edition of Fahrenheit 451 Released By Simon & Schuster Today

From the AP: At age 92, Ray Bradbury is making peace with the future he helped predict. The science fiction/fantasy author and longtime enemy of the e-book has finally allowed his dystopian classic “Fahrenheit 451” to be published in digital format. Simon & Schuster released the electronic edition Tuesday. [Clip] Bradbury himself has been an […]