January 23, 2022

New: A Guide to Finding Interesting Public Domain Works Online

From an Open Knowledge Foundation Blog Post by Sam Leon: At The Public Domain Review we’re always scouring the internet for public domain gems. It’s simply incredible how much of our shared cultural heritage is now available for free online. But with so much content out there and with so many different digital collections to […]

Resources For Public Domain Day 2012

Not only does January 1st mark the beginning of a new calendar year (Happy New Year!!!) but it’s also Public Domain Day. Here are a few resources to learn more and to also learn about some of the authors entering the public domain on Jan. 1, 2012. To take a look at some of the […]

Public Domain Books: Open Book Alliance Works to Pry Open Google’s Closed Books

From an Open Book Alliance Blog Post: Everyone knows Google has scanned tens of millions of books, including over 3 million books in the public domain, and that it got most of these books from many different libraries, public and private. What most don’t know is that Google forces those libraries to use technology to […]

Michael Hart: "Gutenberg’s Energetic Heir Who Brought the Bible Online"

The Financial Times has published a nearly 800 word obit about eBook founder, public domain advocate, and so much more, Michael Hart. It’s available with an FT subscription or with a free registration (for a limited number of articles). The obit includes comments by Hart from 2006 email interview he did with Richard Poynder. Direct […]

OutOfCopyright.eu "Makes Public Domain Calculators Available For the Entire European Union"

From the Open Knowledge Foundation Blog: The following guest post is by Maarten Zeinstra from KnowledgeLand. Maarten is a member of the OKF Working Group on the Public Domain. In practice, however, determining whether a work has passed into the public domain can prove very difficult. This is especially true when attempting to determine the […]

The Public Domain Review: A New Web Site for an Excellent Publication Now Live

From a Creative Commons Blog Post by Timothy Vollmer: We’re pleased to see the launch of The Public Domain Review. The Review is a website with weekly updates in which scholars, writers, artists, librarians and others present an interesting or curious work (including films, photographs, texts and audio) from the public domain and write short […]