May 19, 2022

Project MUSE: At Least Seven New Publishers Coming to UPCC Book Collections in 2013

Just in from Project MUSE HQ in Baltimore. Five notable university presses and two respected scholarly publishers will make their scholarly books available in the UPCC (University Press Content Consortium) Book Collections on Project MUSE, beginning in 2013. New and backlist titles from the University of Illinois Press, Louisiana State University Press, the University Press […]

A Look at Why and How eBooks Became Part of Project MUSE

As many of you already know, the new Project MUSE platform formally launched yesterday. It’s home to more than 500 journals, over 14,000 ebooks from 66 university presses, faceted searching, and more. On December 22nd,  Dean Smith, Director of Project MUSE , posted some informative background about why and how ebooks became part of the […]

Now Available: Video Tutorials for New Project MUSE Platform

Two video tutorials are now available for the new Project MUSE platform (aka “New Muse”) scheduled to debut on January 1st.  The tutorials were produced by the Project MUSE team. Searching Books and Journals on the New MUSE (Runs 3:33) Browsing Books and Journals on the New MUSE (Runs 4:00) Learn More About the New […]

MUSE Book Collection Details Now Available, Will Be DRM Free and No Print/Download Restrictions

From Project Muse News: Details on the highly anticipated Project MUSE Book Collections are now available. Going live on January 1, 2012, the collections will feature over 14,000 electronic titles from 66 respected university press and scholarly publishers. The collections will provide libraries, researchers, and students access to a wealth of high quality book-length scholarship, […]

eBook Update, New Titles, and More in New Issue of Project Muse News (June 2011)

Here are several items from the June 2011 issue of Project Muse News. 1.  Coming in August: A University Press e-Book Consortium (UPeC) Beta Will be “highlighting the new integrated books and journals functionality” on MUSE. 2. UPCC, the University Press Content Consortium, Announces Members of Library Advisory Board A Library Advisory Board has been […]

"Thirteen More Publishers Will Participate in UPCC eBook Collections on Project MUSE"; To Date 64 Presses Contracted

From a Project Muse/UPCC Announcement: Project MUSE is excited to announce that 13 more distinguished scholarly publishers have signed contracts to participate in the UPCC eBook Collections, coming to the MUSE platform on January 1, 2012. To date, a total of 64 university and scholarly presses have contracted to include their ebooks in the MUSE/UPCC […]

Project Muse: Back Issues For 14 More Titles Added to Database

From Muse News: MUSE just added back issues for 14 more titles. Five of the fourteen now have their complete run in MUSE. This batch of back issues added depth to MUSE’s growing collection of Asian Studies journals. All archival content is made available to current subscribers at no additional charge. The 14 titles and […]

Update: Project Muse Reports 51 Publishers Have Signed Contracts to be Part Of University Press Content Consortium

Project Muse announced earlier today that 6 more publishers have signed contracts to be part of the UPCC (University Press Content Consortium) set to launch on July 1, 2011. As of today, 51 publishers have formally signed contracts. Among the new publishers joining the initiative are Pennsylvania State University Press, Georgetown University Press, Northwestern University […]

Twenty-Five Publishers Contracted for UPCC eBooks Collections on Project MUSE; Over 45 Committed to Participate

Here’s the Full Text of an Announcement from PM: Project MUSE is pleased to announce a preliminary list of participating publishers for the UPCC eBook Collections, scheduled for launch on the MUSE platform on January 1, 2012. Twenty-five presses have signed contracts to include their scholarly books in the UPCC Collections, and to date over […]