January 24, 2022

Digital Preservation: 480 New Volumes Added to LOCKSS Digital Library and Now Available to LOCKSS Alliance Members

Along with the 480 new volumes, material from 2 new publishers and 10 new titles are now included in LOCKSS. The digital library is now home to more than 9,000 e-journal titles from 510 publishers. You can learn more here and also review a spreadsheet (XLS) with a list of titles and participating publishers. A […]

UK: Warning Over Digital Archive ‘Black Hole’

From the BBC: Valuable data about key aspects of modern Scottish life is being lost in a digital archive “black hole”, it has been warned. The National Library of Scotland said online and social media coverage from the past 20 years was disappearing. [Clip] NLS chief executive Martyn Wade said: “In Scotland and across the […]

“The Memory of a Nation in a Digital World” by Dame Lynne Brindley

From an Op/Ed in New Statesman by Dame Lynne Brindley (CEO of The British Library): It has been estimated that less that 1 per cent of all online activity related to the London Olympics will be saved. Future generations of researchers will also search in vain for much of the reaction to major events such […]

New Video: “Digital Preservation at the Library of Congress: Past, Present and Future”

This seven minute video was released earlier this month and is featured in a new post by Mike Ashenfelder on The Signal blog. It highlights, “the digital preservation work of the Library of Congress and its NDIIPP (National Digital Information Infrastructure and Preservation Program) and the NDSA (National Digital Stewardship Alliance) partners. The video includes […]

Columbia University Libraries Receives First Installment of $1 Million Grant to Preserve Global Archives of the Ford Foundation International Fellowships Program

From CUL: Columbia University Libraries has received the first of a series of grants from the International Fellowships Fund (IFF) – totaling $1 million over seven years – to serve as the permanent home for the archives of the Ford Foundation International Fellowships Program (IFP).  The collection includes both paper and digital archives and will […]

Conference Presentation: “HIVE for LC Web Archives: Web Archives and Automatic Subject Indexing”

Presentation Given at: International Internet Preservation Consortium 2012 General Assembly; Washington DC, May 2012 By: Rick Fitzgerald, Library of Congress Libby Dechman, Library of Congress Craig Willis, Metadata Resource Center, University of North Carolina Direct to Presentation (18 Slides; PDF) See Also: All Presentations from the International Internet Preservation Consortium 2012 General Assembly

Digital Libraries: New Promo Video About Europeana from European Commission

The European Commission (via EC Audiovisual Services) has released a new video report/promo about Europeana. It focuses on several roadshows where EC residents can share materials and stories for inclusion in the Europeana database. The video runs 2:39. Direct to Video

University of North Carolina: Grant Will Preserve More than 1600 Hours of Rare American Music Recordings

From UNC Library News: Dolly Parton’s first recording is among the items that the Southern Folklife Collection (SFC) in the Wilson Special Collections Library will preserve, thanks to a new grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities. The $131,765, three-year grant is called “From the Piedmont to the Swamplands: Preserving Southern Traditional Music.” It […]

Findings From New Survey Offer a Look at Web Archiving Projects in the U.S.

From The Signal (Digital Preservation Blog from Library of Congress): The NDSA Content Working Group, one of the five working groups of the National Digital Stewardship Alliance focuses on identifying content already preserved, investigating guidelines for the selection of significant content, discovery of at-risk digital content or collections, and matching orphan content with NDSA partners […]

14 New e-Journals Added to Portico

Portico announced today that they’ve added 14 new titles to the e-journal preservation service. 1. CUNY Graduate Center Library (12 Titles) ||| List 2.  Association of University Programs in Health Administration to preserve e-journal with Portico ||| Journal of Health Administration Education (JHAE) 3. International AIDS Society to preserve e-journal with Portico ||| Journal of the […]