May 21, 2022

Reference: U.S. Census Releases Graphs on Historical Voting Trends

From a U.S. Census Bureau E-Mail: The Census Bureau has released 10 graphics that highlight national trends in voting by race, age, education, and other characteristics since 1964. Four graphics address presidential elections, four address congressional elections and two address all national elections. All are based on previously released tabulations from the November Voting and […]

A New Tool From Yahoo Labs: "Political Insights" (Data Analysis)

From techPresident: Using data from May 2010 to January 2011, the tool analyzes click-through rates to 155 top U.S. political blogs with a particular political leaning. [Clip] The categorization of the blogs is based on the paper “A Tale of Two Blogospheres: Discursive Practices on the Left and Right” by Yochai Benkler and Aaron Shaw” […]

San Antonio, TX: New Online Database: Historical Election Results are Digitized

From the San Antonio Express-News: Ever wonder who ran for mayor of San Antonio in, say, 1931, or how many people voted in that three-way election? [Clip] Finding the answers to questions like those used to be an arduous task that began when someone would request from the city clerk specific information from a historical document. Then […]

U.S. History: Senator George Mitchell Oral History Project Debuts Online

From the Bowdoin University Digital Commons: Between 2008 and 2011, the Bowdoin College Library conducted an oral history project to create a collection of spoken recollections and personal impressions from individuals who have known George J. Mitchell in a variety of ways. These oral histories document his life and career from early childhood onward, with […]

New Social Media Resource: "PolitickerUSA is the Best Way to Track Politicians’ Tweets"

This new resource is one of many to aggregate tweets from U.S. Senators and Reps. We also spotted tweets from some presidential candidates. The page automatically updates as new tweets are posted. Direct to PolitickerUSA From The Next Web: PolitickerUSA is extremely well designed, and splits politicians on the homepage by their political party affiliation. […]

South Africa: Politics: "Who Owns What" Database Launched by Institute of Security Studies

From the Mail and Guardian (Cape Town): The new online Who Owns What Database launched by the Institute of Security Studies in Cape Town on Friday is making the assets and private interests of all elected officials available to the public for the first time. Originally launched in September 2009, the database of politicians’ assets […]

"New Gmail Plug-In Tracks Cash, Political Leanings Of Your Friends And Spammers"

From Fast Company: At the Personal Democracy Forum conference in New York City yesterday, the Sunlight Foundation, a D.C. nonprofit fighting for government transparency, unveiled a new Gmail plug-in they call Inbox Influence. The nifty little program scans public records to show you the political contributions made or received by the people and organizations who […]