May 23, 2022

Open Access: Milestones: Public Library of Science (PLoS) Publishes Its 50,000th Research Articles

From The PLOS Blog: PLoS is delighted to announce that our 50,000th research article was recently published. To everyone who has contributed to this achievement – from our authors, editors, and reviewers to our staff, board, and advocates at large– we’d like to offer a well-deserved thank you. [Clip] We still have a lot of […]

PLoS Currents Has a New Publishing Platform

From a PLOS Blog Post: We are pleased to announce that PLoS Currents has moved to a new publishing platform, offering easier interaction to all users. This innovative, online publication channel for the rapid communication of new scientific research and ideas aims to minimize delays between the generation and publication of new research [Clip] For […]

Scholarly Publishing: New Hope – The New Platform for the PLoS Journal Websites

From the PLoS Blog: After five years of hosting the PLoS journals on Topaz, the PLoS development team decided earlier in the year that it was time to re-think the platform for the next five years. They came up with a new architecture, named New Hope, which leverages best practices in developing enterprise platforms, a […]

"How to Use PLoS’s Advanced Search Function" by Michael Morris

From a PLOS Blogs Post by Michael Morris: At PLoS, we’re dedicated to the tenet of Open Access, making academic literature widely available on the web. However, with an ever-growing pool of scientific literature, our goals have to consider not only making content available, but also accessible. With the breadth of articles we aggregate, you […]