May 21, 2022

Conference Presentation: "IOTA @ NASIG 2011: Measuring the Quality of OpenURL Links"

Presentation by Rafal Kasprowski, Rice University NASIG Annual Conference, St. Louis, MO June 2 – 5, 2011 Direct to Slides (39 Slides via SlidesShare) Note: Slides 3-7 provides some very useful background about OpenURL (Why OpenURL?, Breaking Down an OpenURL, etc.) See Also: OpenURL: The Rough Guide (by Tony Hammond, Nature Publishing Group) Posted in […]

The March/April 2011 Issue of D-Lib is Now Online

D-Lib (Volume 17, Number 3/4) Direct to Table-of-Contents Articles Discovering the Information Needs of Humanists When Planning an Institutional Repository Article by David Seaman, Dartmouth College Library Abstract: Through in-person interviews with humanities faculty members, this study examines what information needs are expressed by humanities scholars that an institutional repository (IR) can address. It also asks […]