May 28, 2022

Primary Documents: "CIA Forced To Release Long Secret Official History Of Bay Of Pigs Invasion"

From the National Security Archive: Pursuant to a FOIA lawsuit filed by the National Security Archive on the 50th anniversary of the infamous CIA-led invasion of Cuba, the CIA has released four volumes of its Official History of the Bay of Pigs Operation. The Archive today posted volume 2, “Participation in the Conduct of Foreign […]

National Security Archive Marks 45th Birthday of U.S. Freedom of Information Act, Exposes Backlog Problems

From the National Security Archive at George Washington University: Forty-five years after President Johnson signed the U.S. Freedom of Information Act into law in 1966, federal agency backlogs of FOIA requests are growing, with the oldest requests at eight agencies dating back over a decade and the single oldest request now 20 years old, according […]