January 21, 2022

Japan: Lab at National Diet Library Testing Bibliographic Information Visualization System

A brief post (in English) about a bibliographic information search and visualization tool being developed by the National Diet Library Lab. The underlying retrieval and visualization technology named MIMA was developed at the University of Tokyo. Although search results are conventionally displayed in a list, MIMA search displays results as a map comprising lines and […]

New Research Report From National Diet Library (Japan): “The Great East Japan Earthquake and Libraries”

This is the just released English translation of “The Great East Japan Earthquake and Libraries” report from the National Diet Library in Japan. Documents Summary (2 pages; PDF) Using “the Great East Japan Earthquake” and “libraries” as two pivotal keywords, this report organizes reference information and studies as comprehensively as possible information related to the […]

Japan: National Libraries: Noritada Otaki Appointed New Librarian of the National Diet Library

From the National Diet Library: As of March 31, 2011, Dr. Makoto Nagao, the Librarian of the National Diet Library, retired and as of April 1, 2012, Mr. Noritada Otaki was newly appointed Librarian of the National Diet Library. Mr. Otaki joined the National Diet Library in 1968 and served as Director General of the […]

Building the Digital Archive of the Great East Japan Earthquake: An Update from National Diet Library

A “New Year Greeting” post by Makoto Nagao, Librarian, National Diet Library (National Library of Japan) includes a brief update about the Great East Japan Earthquake Digital Archive along with updates about digitization and new technology at the library. From the Greeting: Facing major catastrophe, one of our vital missions should be to collect all […]