January 17, 2022

Reference: A New Infographic From NASA, The Future of American Human Space Flight

Direct to Interactive Infographic A  static version (PDF) is also available. Nancy Atkinson summarizes the interactive and infographic at Universe Today.

Vatican's Library begins to Digitize 80,000 of Its Manuscripts With NASA Technology (Video)

From Rome Reports: The library is taking a giant leap to the web. By using NASA technology, it’s planning on scanning 80,000 of its manuscripts. The technology used is called FITS, which stands for Flexible Image Transport System. So far the process was divided in three stages. The first included scanning 8,000 of the 80,000 […]

SpaceRef: "NASA Internal Memo: Goddard to Transition to Electronic Services"

Update: NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center to close two physical libraries (via FreeGovInfo) From a SpaceRef Post: “NASA Internal Memo: Goddard Libraries Transition to Electronic Services” From: GSFC-Communications Sent: Monday, October 31, 2011 11:20 AM To: GSFC-DL-ALL Subject: Goddard Libraries Transition to Electronic Services Colleagues: Beginning January 1, 2012, the NASA Goddard libraries at Greenbelt […]

Web Resources: "NASA Gives Public New Internet Tool To Explore The Solar System"

From NASA: NASA is giving the public the power to journey through the solar system using a new interactive Web-based tool. The “Eyes on the Solar System” interface combines video game technology and NASA data to create an environment for users to ride along with agency spacecraft and explore the cosmos. Screen graphics and information […]

The Final Shuttle Flight (STS-135): A Collection of Reference Resources

With the final Space Shuttle flight (STS-135) scheduled for tomorrow, here are a few reference resources from NASA and other sources that might be of interest. NASA Press Kit (172 pages; PDF) Facts, Stats, Overview, and Much More Commemorative Press Kit Cover (PDF) Space Shuttle Weather Criteria (PDF) Mission Summary (PDF) Launch Countdown Milestones and […]